About Learning Groups

Some members want a way to get involved, learn about an issue, and make an impact before signing up for a 6-month Giving Project. We get it!  Learning Groups provide that opportunity with a shorter time commitment (2-4 meetings over 2-3 months, depending on the Learning Group). A Learning Group is also a good option for folks whose schedules don't allow participation in a full-length Giving Project.

It’s a little like a book club - but with films, articles, and guest speakers in addition to books. Members will make a direct impact to social justice organizing by making a meaningful gift to support our Giving Projects.

In a Learning Group you will: 

  • Learn about Social Justice Fund NW and our powerful & innovative Giving Project model
  • Dive into learning about a key issue in a social justice movement that we fund (Gender Justice, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, or Criminal Justice)
  • Make a meaningful gift to a Giving Project to support community organizing in our region
  • Optional - Sign up to go on a site visit to a potential grantee organization, come to our Annual Seattle Summit on July 16, attend other public events, and self-organize other gatherings with your fellow Learning Group participants

We’ll offer two *NEW* Learning Groups in 2016: 

  • Seattle: Criminal Justice Learning Group focused on Detention and Deportation: June 29 (6-9 pm) and July 10 (10 am - 4 pm).  Register here!

           For more information, contact SJF Project Manager Rebecca Allen at

           For more information, contact SJF Oregon Director Dianne Riley at


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