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"Part of why I felt so proud of our grant from SJF is to know that people went through a process to understand racial and economic justice … Even though a dollar is a dollar, I know that this money came from a good place.”
–Dean Jackson, Executive Director of Hilltop Urban Gardens, referring to 2010’s Next Generation Giving Project

As a member-funded and member-driven foundation, Social Justice Fund Northwest relies on the support of our community to achieve our mission. Our supporters are critical allies in the effort to catalyze long-term, progressive social change. Join us by supporting SJF today.

About Giving Projects

Giving Projects are a new, participatory model of funding which provides significant financial resources to organizations that work towards long-term progressive social change. Projects are made up of a diverse group of people at all income levels, each of whom make a donation of an amount that is meaningful to them, and commit to build community and strategically support local grassroots social justice work.

Every Giving Project includes these components:

  • Community building
  • Building a shared analysis about the chosen granting focus of the group
  • Developing skills in fundraising and grantmaking
  • A formalized grantmaking process
  • Celebrating the project’s success!

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About Learning Groups

Learning Groups provide Social Justice Fund members an opportunity to get to know Social Justice Fund NW & the work of our grantees before committing to a Giving Project. A Learning Group is also a good option for folks whose schedules don't allow participation in a full-length Giving Project.

In a Learning Group, you'll learn about our Giving Project model, the work of our incredible grantees, and a specific, relevant issue area. It’s a little like a book club - but with films, articles, and guest speakers in addition to books. Members will make a direct impact to social justice organizing by making a meaningful gift to support our Giving Projects.


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Become a Member

Our diverse members are building a passionate, engaged community united by the desire to catalyze long-term, progressive social change.

Social Justice Fund members join grassroots organizers, philanthropists and donor activists in a larger movement for social change. You also receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Participation in the governance of Social Justice Fund NW
  • The opportunity to take part in grantee site visits
  • Joining committees
  • Access to workshops and other educational opportunities
  • Knowing that you are part of a growing movement for social change

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Meet the Member Challenge

Social Justice Fund is asking all members to contribute their time, skills, commitment to social justice, and love of community to help us create a strong organization that can fulfill a bold vision. 

Each individual meeting the Member Challenge will complete three actions: Give, Donor Organize, and Participate. As more members commit to these three actions, we'll have a significant impact on the growth and sustainability of the movement for social justice in the Northwest.

Join a Site Visit

If you are a current member of Social Justice Fund, you have the opportunity to join Giving Project members as they visit organizations being considered for funding. Site visits are a unique opportunity to meet organization representatives, hear directly about the work happening on the ground, and influence the funding process! 

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Your donation is pooled and leveraged to achieve a community benefit that would be impossible through individual contributions.

Our grantees are led by people from the communities most impacted by injustice and inequality and we invest in activists and organizers dedicated to permanently ending inequality. Our grantees are able to gain $150 in more housing, health-care, increases in minimum wage, and other tangible resources for their communities with every dollar we grant (NCRP, 2010).

Your contribution facilitates the opportunity for dozens of others to participate in donor activism. Donate now.