InterGenerational Giving Project - Seattle

The InterGenerational SEA Giving Project will fund SJF's NEW Building Grassroots Power Grant. Building strong leaders for the movement is key to achieving social change. This grant will support organizations that intentionally build leaders through their organizing work and use leadership development to build collective power. Project participants will learn about leadership development as an integral part of community organizing and make 1-year grants to organizations that develop the leadership of those most directly impacted by the issues they work on and who’s leadership development work has a clear connection to how they make structural change. 

"This has changed my idea of power. It gives power to people no matter how much money they donate." - Ranfis Villatoro

All Giving Projects have the same basic structure:

  • A cross-class, multiracial group of 15-25 volunteers commits to the entire process.
  • Each person makes a meaningful gift -- whatever that means for you.
  • Through workshops and trainings we develop a shared analysis of race, class, and the issue focus of this Giving Project.
  • We train you in grassroots fundraising and provide lots of hands-on support as you raise money from your friends and family.
  • We train you in our grantmaking process and support you as you read and score proposals, participate in site visits, make collective deicisions, and move money to some of the most inspiring, effective social change work in the region.

Commitment: March 25 – October 4, 2017  (Most meetings in Seattle at our offices)

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InterGenerational Giving Project SEA Schedule (PDF)

Sat. March 25 (10am-5pm) Session #1: Introduction

  • Get to know one another
  • Establish commitments, expectations, and goals
  • Set foundation for further trainings

Saturday, April 8 (10am - 5pm) and Sunday, April 9 (10am - 3pm) - Session #2 a&b: Racial Justice and Class Analysis Workshop

  • Build shared analysis of race and class in the context of social justice organizing
  • Begin work to build a cross-class, multi-racial, progressive philanthropic community

Saturday, April 22 (10am - 5pm) - Session #3: Fundraising Training

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of grassroots fundraising
  • Practice with the group
  • Set personal fundraising goals and accountability structures

** Participants begin fundraising

Wednesday, May 10 (6pm-9pm) -  Session #4: Grantmaking Training

  • Learn about social justice philanthropy, community organizing, and the SJF grantmaking process

**Participants begin reading and screening applications

Saturday, May 13 (10pm-5pm) -  Session #5: Seattle Grantee Summit

  • Learn more about social justice movements in the Northwest
  • Hear directly from SJF grantees about their organizing work, leadership development strategies and the challenges they face in getting funding
  • Open to the public

Saturday, June 10 (10am-5pm) -  Session #6: Screening

  • Democratic grantmaking process to decide which applicants will get site visits

‚Äč**Site visits as scheduled (participants commit to at least one)

Saturday, September 16 (10am-5pm) - Session #7: Final Decisions

  • Democratic grantmaking process to review site visit reports, discuss finalists, and choose graantees

Wednesday, October 4 (6:30pm-9:30pm) - Session #8: Celebration and Evaluation

  • Celebrate our success and evaluate the process
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