Join the 2016 Gender Justice Learning Group!

The Gender Justice Learning Group (GJLG) is a great opportunity for Portland-area people from all walks of life! Genuine community building, learning, discussion, and ACTION that will keep it 100! Registration is open now.

What is a Learning Group? 

Some members want a way to get involved, learn about an issue, and make an impact before signing up for a 6-month Giving Project. We get it!  Learning Groups provide that opportunity with a shorter time commitment (2-4 meetings over 2-3 months, depending on the Learning Group). A Learning Group is also a good option for folks whose schedules don't allow participation in a full-length Giving Project.

In a Learning Group, you'll learn about our Giving Project model, the work of our incredible grantees, and a specific, relevant issue area. It’s a little like a book club - but with films, articles, and guest speakers in addition to books. Members will make a direct impact to social justice organizing by making a meaningful gift to support our Giving Projects.

What is Gender Justice?

Gender justice exists when all people -- especially women, girls, and gender-variant people -- are able to identify and express their gender and sexual orientation without fear, discrimination or harm, and have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions for themselves, their families and their communities in all areas of their lives. It will require transformation at interpersonal, institutional, systemic and cultural levels. LGBTQ justice, reproductive justice and family security are three issue areas at the core of Gender Justice. Definition adapted from Western States Center and Forward Together.   

In the Gender Justice Learning Group, we will work together as a multi-gender, multiracial, cross-class group to explore and deepen our understanding of this framework, in social movements and in our own lives. 

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You will automatically become a Social Justice Fund Member when you participate in a Learning Group.    Learning Groups provide Social Justice Fund members an opportunity to learn more about the issues our grantees are working on. Members will make a direct impact by supporting Giving Projects with their meaningful gift and light fundraising.

Below is the schedule for the 2016 Gender Justice Learning Group:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 | 6 - 9 pm
#1: Getting Grounded
• An introduction to Social Justice Fund and the Learning Group
• Build a shared framework of gender justice and racial justice
• Learn about making a meaningful gift and basic fundraising 

October 6 - October 25, 2016 | Flexible times
One-on-one Conversation
• Schedule a meeting by phone, or in person with Dianne to talk about your meaningful gift

Saturday, October 15, 2016 | 10 am - 4 pm*
#2: Deep Dive
• Participate in a group discussion about gender justice, the intersection of gender-based oppression and criminalization, and resistance to gender injustice
• Introduction to fundraising
• Co-create your role and our collective plan for the October 27, Gender Justice Benefit (session #3)

Thursday, October 27, 2016 | 6 - 9 pm*
#3 Gender Justice Benefit 
• Continue learning and moving into action by attending public film screening and mobilizing your friends, family and/or associates to come join you
• Play a part in supporting this gathering (could be anything from ushering, to offering refreshments, to presenting part of the program)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 | 6 - 9 pm*
#4: Evaluation & Celebration Party 
• Debriefing your experience and brainstorm ideas for future Learning Groups
• Celebrate the many successes that we know will emerge from building community together
• Let us know if you plan to participate in any of the 2017 SJF Program

Optional Action opportunity scheduled for March 21, 2017!

Space is limited, so we encourage you to register now!

To discuss details, please contact SJF Oregon Director Dianne Riley at