Join a Site Visit

If you are a current member of Social Justice Fund, you have the opportunity to join Giving Project members as they visit organizations being considered for funding. Site visits are a unique opportunity to meet organization representatives, hear directly about the work happening on the ground, and influence the funding process! 

Sign up below to recieve timely updates on opportunities to join a site visit team of Giving Project members and Social Justice Fund Board or staff. 

The Purpose of Site Visits
The organizations selected for site visits are all finalists for funding and have at least a 50% chance of receiving a grant. Giving Project members select the finalists through a process of carefully reading, discussing and scoring grant applications. Information gained through site visits is invaluable to the group’s final decision making.

There are three main purposes for site visits:SJF members on a site visit with Native Youth Leadership Alliance

  1. Listen to applicants speak for themselves in their own voices.
  2. Learn more about the organization, its issues, and its community.
  3. Foster good relations between Social Justice Fund and the broader progressive movement

Last year Social Justice Fund members visited about 50 organizations as part of the grantmaking process. Site visit teams consist of 2-4 Giving Project members and one staff or board representative from Social Justice Fund. Site visits are typically 2 hours long and happen throughout the region, year round. Members often travel to meet with organization representatives in person. Site visits are also done via conference call and video chat.

Sign up on the site visit email list to be informed about site visit opportunities throughout the year. Space on each visit is limited and scheduling happens quickly! We'll send you timely updates about site visits happening around the region and connect you with the team attending. You can add and remove your email address from this list at any time. 

If you have questions about your membership status, please contact SJF Development Director Mary Ann Goto at 206-624-4081 x105 or by emailing maryann(at)