Meet the Member Challenge

Social Justice Fund is asking all members to contribute their time, skills, commitment to social justice, and love of community to help us create a strong organization that can fulfill a bold vision. 

Each individual meeting the Member Challenge will complete three actions: Give, Donor Organize, and Participate. As more members commit to these three actions, we'll have a significant impact on the growth and sustainability of the movement for social justice in the Northwest.

Why a Member Challenge?

Members at May Day March 2013

Our image of success is a region with a thriving network of community-based organizations and coalitions and an increasingly equitable distribution and sharing of power and wealth.

To build a network of engaged, critical, and passionate donor activists, we're asking all Social Justice Fund members to take three actions: Give, Donor Organize, and Participate. These actions will form the foundation of a broad sense of member ownership of Social Justice Fund, allow for more opportunities for leadership development and member engagement, create a sustainable funding source for our work together, and create strong relationships between members. 

We are driven by our vision of Social Justice Fund members mobilizing philanthropic resources to support social justice. We envision vastly increased funds to finance the work of social change organizations in the Northwest. We know that through the commitment of Social Justice Fund members and grantees, Social Justice Fund will be a powerful and dynamic regional agent for social change. Through involvement in Social Justice Fund, we envision members learning together, engaging in social change, and building community.

What do I do?


Make a meaningful contribution. You can support the creation of a sustainable, new way to fund community organizing by donating to Social Justice Fund’s Annual Fund or directly support the work of our grantees by donating to a Giving Project


Members at Grantee Summit

Donor Organize

Help organize resources and bring new people into the Social Justice Fund community by asking at least one person to contribute to Social Justice Fund. 

  • If you've completed a grassroots fundraising training through one of our Giving Projects, or are comfortable fundraising, meet one on one with the person you are asking to give. Share what it means to be a member of Social Justice Fund and ask them to become a member and support our work. 
  • If you're new to fundraising, you can complete this part by inviting someone to a Social Justice Fund fundraising event such as our Annual Dinner or a number of other events throughout the year.


Invest in your own political education and leadership within Social Justice Fund. This can take many different forms! For example: Attend an event, join a committee, host an event, start a book club focusing on a particular issue Social Justice Fund grantees are addressing, We have a number of opportunities for members to plug in to the organization. We also want to encourage you to organize yourselves in a way that you think will contribute to your own political education, leadership and engagement. 

How will Social Justice Fund support me?

Members at the Annual Member meeting

A number of Social Justice Fund members have volunteered to become Member Leaders. Member Leaders will help provide the tools, inspiration, connection and opportunities so you can meet the Member Challenge. Member Leaders will build a cohort of 5-10 members accepting the Member Challenge by geography, social justice issue, Giving Project cohort, or by existing social network.

Interested in becoming a Member Leader? Contact our Development Director, Mary Ann Goto, by email at maryann(at) or call us at 206-624-4081 x105.

Yes! I'll meet the Member Challenge

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