We Mourned, Now We Organize! SJF Grantees in Action

In the wake of the President Trump’s inauguration, it was tempting to fall into a feeling of despair or helplessness. But Social Justice Fund grantees took the opposite approach, using the moment to galvanize and mobilize their members in opposition to the administration’s policies and to advance their vision for social justice.

Some examples of grantees’ work:

Announcing Naomi Ishisaka, Social Justice Fund NW's new Communications Director

Social Justice Fund is excited to welcome Naomi Ishisaka as the organization’s first Communications Director. Naomi comes to the organization after a number of years as communications director for the SEIU 775 Benefits Group and SJF grantee OneAmerica. Naomi is a longtime member and supporter of Social Justice Fund after first learning of the organization as the editor of ColorsNW Magazine, a magazine about communities of color in the Northwest. She is passionate about advancing racial and social justice through storytelling, photography and design. We are looking forward to continuing to share the powerful stories of our grantees and members through our communications.

Our new Rapid Response Fund’ve just learned white nationalists are planning a rally in your town. You can’t sit back and watch this happen. With just a couple weeks notice, you and your neighbors decide to organize a counter-protest. You need buses to bring in community supporters along with food, child care, translators, and the list goes on. Just $500 would make the difference, but you don’t have it, and you don’t know anyone you could ask.

Meet Burke, SJF's new Development Director

Last week, I started as the Development Director here at Social Justice Fund NW. It’s an extraordinary political moment to be stepping into this movement role, the perfect culmination of the organizing work I’ve done over the past 15 years.

A message from Ailene Richard, Criminal Justice Giving Project Member

Dear SJF Community,
I am happy to say that I, along with 16 other participants, just completed the 2016 Criminal Justice Giving Project that began in May.  Together, we raised $213,245 for community organizing groups working on criminal justice issues in the Northwest.  You can see the full list of organizations we funded here.