Tragedy in Portland and the Work Ahead

Portland MAX station memorial. Photo by Jacob Simmons.

Photo: Portland MAX station memorial, photo courtesy of Jacob Simmons.

We at Social Justice Fund NW were horrified to learn of the deaths on Friday of two men and the injury of another after they tried to intervene against racist and Islamophobic attacks on two young women on a Portland TriMet train. Their attacker had a long history of white supremacist posts, including advocating for a whites-only homeland in the Pacific Northwest, defending Nazis and praising Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing.

An EPIC Success

After six years of phenomenal growth, the Seattle Foundation is changing its approach to GiveBIG. Your generosity during GiveBIG in the past few years has made a BIG difference in Social Justice Fund NW's ability to support our grantees. 

Voz, Portland Jobs With Justice Receive SJF Rapid Response Grants

The Rapid Response Grant screening committee awarded a grant of $2,000 to Voz Workers' Rights Education Project (Portland, OR) and a $1,500 grant to Portland Jobs With Justice.

Voz Workers' Rights Education Project

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon to Receive First 2017 SJF Rapid Response Grant

The Rapid Response Grant screening committee awarded a grant of $2,000 to OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon (Portland, OR).