Staff & Board

Bax (Bdub) White

Bax joined the SJF staff in 2018 as the Oregon Development Manager. They co-facilitated Giving Projects, led Oregon development efforts, and served on the Black Liberation Committee. After leaving staff, they joined SJF’s White Donor Organizing team where they continue to work to move resources to grassroots movement work.

Before SJF, Bax had done development work for almost twenty years at organizations like Bikes Not Bombs and Write Around Portland. Bax also organized with SURJ PDX’s Black Lives Matter Action Group. Today, they are a therapist at Owls’ Nest North where they work primarily with queer and trans folks.

Bax didn’t set out to study dog enrichment, but Brioche (an independent, smart husky mix) and Nova (a fearful, sweet catahoula leopard mix) have taught them so much. Bax’s go to karaoke song is Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Their favorite SJF value is Accountability and the ways continual learning and change show up in all of the values.