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Emily Bookstein

Emily Bookstein is a software engineer and Resource Generation (RG) chapter leader living in Portland. Originally from California, where she was deeply influenced by RG’s political education on class privilege and racial justice, Emily moved to Portland with a secret agenda to help move tech resources into social justice philanthropy. For that reason, and for so much more besides, she was excited to join Social Justice Fund NW in 2015. Since then, Emily has participated in two Portland Giving Projects, and is delighted to now join the board and strategize around tech donors. She also continues to build the new RG chapter in Portland, organizing fellow class-privileged people to redistribute their wealth and step up as activists – which, of course, includes recruiting them into SJF giving projects! Emily loves nonfiction comics and motorcycle rides, and, inspired by a fantastic Star Trek (Original Series) music video, her karaoke go-to is Tik Tok by Kesha.