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Johnny Buck

Johnny is from the Wanapum community and an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation.  He is physically, spiritually and emotionally connected to his ancestral homeland in the NW and is deeply intertwined with the environment, culture, language and tradition of his community.  His work is focused on decolonization, encompassing healthy food and ecosystems as well as strengthening communities, cross cultural and intertribal relationships striving for social equity.  He has been the Northwest representative for the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, building collective voice of tribal college students and a leader in the Young People For program.  He co-founded the Native Youth Leadership Alliance to develop community led organizations addressing unique issues of Native American communities and is working to expand the vision and scope of the youth committee of the Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians.  He joined the board of the Social Justice Fund NW this year and provided solidarity, leadership and material aid to young activists joining the frontlines at Standing Rock. His research focuses on developing an Indigenous phenology observation network.  He is enrolled at Northwest Indian College, pursuing a BS in Native Environmental Science and hopes to begin a joint program in two of the following schools in the fall of 2019:  Ph.D. Environmental Engineering,  Master in Business and/or Juris Doctor in Law.  “Remember Me” from the movie “COCO” with my daughter Tatiwyat is his new favorite Karaoke song.