Staff, Board & Diversity

Kim Powe

Kim Powe grew up the oldest of 4 in a traveling military family. She has had the privilege to live and travel around the USA and world, and is currently trying to curb her nomadic nature for the sake of her husband. She has worked in various ways and places to improve the lives of all of us by starting with those who are marginalized. Kim was happily introduces to SJF in 2015 she had the privilege to participate in the 2015 Seattle-based Environmental Justice Giving Campaign and is so excited and proud to now be serving on the board. Kim has been blessed to be Larry and Lynn Powe’s daughter, live on four continents, marry a wonderful partner and have daily teacher in her daughters. She is a big music fan and has no “go-to” karaoke jams, so basically if she knows the song she will sing it. You can, however, often find her at home crankin’ up the R&B tunes, singing at the top of her lungs and dancing with her youngest.