Staff & Board

Monica Foucher
Board Co-Chair

Monica Foucher (she/her) is a Chicagoan in every sense except having lived in Portland for almost 15 years. She has worked at Home Forward, the Housing Authority of Portland since 2013, where she is the Associate Director of Public Relations, currently responsible for the entire communications arm of the agency. She has been a Board member at SJF since the summer of 2020, which has afforded her opportunities to fund and become better acquainted with Black liberation movements around the country, and insights for building similar momentum in other areas of her work. She is currently focused on a long term project to restore wealth to Black Oregonians in Portland, who have lost homes, businesses, and opportunities through government-sponsored theft and displacement. She also loves dogs…she really, REALLY loves dogs, especially her shiba inu, named after her favorite Fraggle, and who she raised from puppyhood.

“Abundance is the SJF value that speaks loudest to me. If we could just overcome that darn human nature (thank you, Kurt Vonnegut) and that darn white supremacy that keeps us in ‘conquer to survive’ mode, we would see the the possibility for all of us to thrive.”