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Amy Truax
Finance & Development Coordinator

Amy was born and raised in Alaska, attended college on the East Coast, enjoyed stints living in Spain and New Zealand, and spent much of her 20s couch surfing through various countries, but Seattle has felt like home ever since her first summer here in 2007. She is now thrilled to call the area home again, having recently bought a house with her queer chosen family in south King County. Amy has a background in a wide variety of social justice work, with a particular passion for Latin American solidarity organizing, antifascist action, and dreaming up abolitionist futures. She believes in movements that allow folks to show up in the wholeness of their being, leave room for witchcraft and woo, nourish and honor the body, and create deep and transformative connections between people, place, and the non-human world.

Although she has entirely too many hobbies and interests for the strictures of a time-based reality, some of her favorites at the moment are pottery, astrology, backpacking, baking, mushroom hunting, and kicking ass at pub trivia every Thursday night. She also loves lists, in case that wasn’t obvious.