Staff & Board

Mercedes Klein
Project Manager

Born and raised in Idaho, Mercedes Klein is a big-hearted queer who moves through the world wide-eyed, tending to joy wherever she goes. With 15 years of facilitation experience, including anti-oppression facilitation and curriculum creation, she is a catalyst of meaning and connection.

Participating in the Gender Justice Giving Project in 2016-17 fundamentally changed her, inviting her to see money as a tool for connection and building collective power. Coming on as a Project Manager in 2018, Mercedes extended that ripple of transformation and impact, breaking records through her Giving Project leadership.

A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Mercedes believes that coaching is a powerful tool for our healing and liberation. The values of the Giving Project greatly inform her coaching and facilitation business, as she incorporates political education into her fee structures and consistently moves money to Black-led organizers.

In this time of continued upheaval and grief, Mercedes is uplifted to return to an organization that is committed to Black liberation and moving resources.