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In 2019 Social Justice Fund will lead over 100 people through a process of learning, community building, fundraising, and grantmaking for social change through our 2019 Giving Projects . We’re excited to offer the following Giving Projects in Seattle and Portland to support and guide the program of grants below. Our Giving Project model continues to be incredibly successful in developing leadership and moving money to social justice organizing. Each Giving Project guides members through a deep process of learning about race, class, fundraising, and social change. We hope you will consider joining a Giving Project in 2019!

Getting involved is easy – just sign up online and an SJF staff person will set up a time to meet with you!

Rural and Small Town Organizing (Seattle)

Social Justice Fund NW’s grantmaking region is made up primarily of small towns, reservations, and rural communities, but much of the resources go to the major urban centers of Seattle and Portland. This Giving Project will focus on supporting community organizing that is building power in the rest of our region, outside of Seattle and Portland. This Giving Project will support any work being done in ANY cities outside of Seattle and Portland, with priority given to organizations in rural, small town, and reservation communities.


LeaderFull Movements (Seattle, Portland)

Building strong leaders for the movement is key to achieving social change. Leadership development can look a variety of ways, including structured programs to models that incorporate leadership development in all aspects of the work. This Giving Project will support organizations and groups who develop the leadership of those most directly impacted by the issues they work on, and whose leadership development work has a clear connection to how they make structural change. LEARN MORE

Momentum: Civic Engagement and Strengthening Democracy (Seattle)

Open to alumni of previous Giving Projects only. Political processes and practices actively build barriers and keep historically marginalized people from engaging in the political process. This Giving Project will focus on supporting community organizing that is working toward eliminating those roadblocks and helping to realize the promises of democracy through, but not limited to, voting rights, voter registration and mobilization, training grassroots candidates for political office, increasing representation of diverse communities, or working towards a fair and accurate census count. LEARN MORE

Economic Justice (Seattle, Portland)

As the racial wealth gap grows, it is necessary to support work that addresses the structural problems that face low-income communities, families, and workers. This Giving Project funds organizations and groups that work at the intersection of race, class, and gender to develop solutions that produce thriving and economically just communities. LEARN MORE

Criminal Justice (Seattle)

This Giving Project will support organizing work addressing the systemic criminalization and disproportionate targeting of people of color and poor people. Criminal Justice issues include, but are not limited to, ending racial profiling and police brutality, addressing racial inequities in drug laws, ending the school-to-prison pipeline, detention, and deportation of immigrant communities, transformative justice, and alternatives to incarceration.