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On Aug. 8-9, Social Justice Fund NW was honored to host representatives from the six funds that make up the Giving Project Learning Community, plus a new fund in Detroit exploring the Giving Project model. Over the past two years, the six participating funds have formed a learning community to spread the Giving Project model and support each other in our work. The shared model is built off the framework of Social Justice Fund NW’s approach to grassroots fundraising and democratic grantmaking, and is now in use across the country.

The six funds that make up the learning community have adopted a shared operations model to expand their reach among diverse communities of donors and distribute more money to social justice movements. Over the last five years, Giving Projects have moved more than $4 million from over 6,000 donors.

The annual convening brought over 30 participants to Seattle to explore topics such as refining Giving Project curriculum; improving the experiences of people of color in Giving Projects; and strategies for grant-making. Through the Learning Community, the funds are sharing innovations and best practices, building cross-region relationships, and working to further spread the model.

SJF Executive Director, Mijo Lee, says, “It feels amazing to be part of this and see the Giving Project (GP) model continue to grow and improve and transform. I want everyone in SJF to know that! Every person who has participated in or given to a GP over the last several year has played a part in building this larger movement. When a grassroots organization in Philly gets a grant that otherwise wouldn’t have been available or a young activist in Denver realizes for the first time that they can be a fundraiser, those are ripple effects from here. You should all feel proud of what we’ve built and are continuing to build together.”

Participants included representatives from:

Social Justice Fund NW
Plus representatives from an new group in Detroit
If you have friends in one of these cities, be sure to tell them they can join a Giving Project too!