Members of the 2018 Coalitions and Alliances Giving Project in Seattle.


We are educators, community organizers, parents, creators, nonprofit and public workers, and recent graduates who call the Seattle area home. We are deeply invested in working together to move resources towards building grassroots organizational leadership in the Northwest region.


Our group is committed to supporting community organizers in the Northwest region by:

  1. raising $175,000 to fund organizations building grassroots power through coalitions and alliances
  2. becoming donors ourselves to the Coalitions and Alliances Justice Giving Project
  3. actively building a network and community to further social justice

WHY Coalitions and Alliances?

Building strong coalitions to win policy change, shift the political landscape, and build strong cross sectoral progressive movements is key to achieving social change. Our giving project will award one-year, general operating grants to organizations working for social justice through a coalition or alliance strategy around our five-state region: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

This grant cycle will fund coalition strategies that prioritize leadership and representation from grassroots community organizing groups that are led and directed by the people most impacted by the issues the coalition works on. Coalition work can look a variety of ways, including ongoing sustained coalition organizations with structured membership, shorter term tactical alliances, and other models.

To find out more about the types of work our grants will support, please see this list of previous Social Justice Fund grantees.


We are so glad you asked! You can do any of the following to support us:

  1. Donate now to our giving project
    • Specify  “Coalitions and Alliances Giving Project Seattle” in the comments box.  
    • If you were asked by a giving project member, make sure you include their name in the comments box
  2. Learn more about our work from a giving project member or our Project Manager, Magan Do:
  3. Ask others to join you in supporting our giving project

Contributions to Social Justice Fund’s Coalitions and Alliances Giving Project are tax deductible. We also accept donations by check, stock, donor advised funds, and planned giving.  Please go here for more information on how to give.