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White background with light grid pattern. A group of BIPOC sit around a table (edited out) looking at a piece of paper with writing on it. Text reads: "COVID-19 Social Justice Giving Plan. Thursday, May 28 | 6-8PM. A free workshop on aligning your giving with your values. Register:" The Social Justice Fund logo is in the lower left hand corner.COVID-19 has swept the country, revealing with increased clarity all of the gaps to resources we need to survive this crisis together. The impacts of this pandemic will become even more apparent in the coming weeks, especially for the most vulnerable in our communities. That’s why it’s time to step up our solidarity by giving with generosity now.

But how do you decide who and how much? Should the urgency of the current moment change the way we give? How do you give money without reinforcing oppressive dynamics? This interactive, cross-class workshop will help you begin to think through these questions, and get you on the path to a giving plan that challenges you while aligning with your values. We’ll have plenty of time for discussion and offer resources that can help you move toward action, take time to reflect, learn from others, and come out ready to plan your giving.

WHEN: May 28, 6 – 8 pm

WHERE: Zoom. Meeting link and details will be sent after registration.

ACCESS: We’re evaluating our capacity to include closed captions — update TBA. Accessibility needs to can described in the registration form, and we’ll do our best to support you.


NOTE: We ask the questions about class background & giving history to get an idea about who will be in the room so to better shape the workshop. We also ask about race and ethnicity to ensure we remain accountable to our values on liberation and Anti Oppression. All collected information is confidential.

Please contact Mano if you have any questions at