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Join the 2015 Environmental Justice Learning Group with the Social Justice Fund NW!

The focus of this Learning Group will be Climate Justice & Communities of Color. This group is open to all and there is no minimum experience or knowledge of the issue required.  Through readings, videos, and group discussion we will engage ideas about the impacts of climate change on communities of color and organizing strategies for climate justice led by "front line" communities in our region and around the country.

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Learning Groups provide Social Justice Fund members an opportunity to learn more about the issues our grantees are working on. It’s like a book club – but with films or articles or guest speakers, not just books. Members will make a direct impact by supporting Giving Projects with their meaningful gift and light fundraising.

Below is the schedule for the 2015 Environmental Justice Learning Group:

View the Environmental Justice Learning Group Packet! The items highlighted in yellow are the materials we recommend reading/viewing before our discussion on July 22nd.

Wednesday, July 22 | 6-9 pm
#1: Study Group Session

  • An introduction to Social Justice Fund and the Learning Group
  • Build a shared framework of Environmental justice and racial justice
  • Group discussion based on the texts/videos in the Environmental Justice Learning Group Reader 
  • Learn about making a meaningful gift and basic fundraising 

Thursday, Aug 13 | 6-9 pm
#2: Public Event: "The Front Lines of Change: Climate Justice & Communities of Color"

  • Continue to learn about climate in-justice and communities of color, and the movement led by "front line" communities to organize for environmental and climate justice.
  • Meet community  organizers and other SJF members
  • Learn about other ways to get involved with SJF and environmental justice organizing

Thursday, October 15 | 6-9 pm    
#3: Celebration

  • Celebrate our success with members of the 2015 Environmental Justice Giving Project
  • Meet SJF's 2015 Environmental Justice grantees

Space is limited, so we encourage you to register now!