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Rectangular image with red background and picture of people standing together at a rally smiling with their fists up. There is a red filter on the picture. White text on top of a yellow arrow pointing to the right reads Rapid Response and Seed Grants

Five years ago Social Justice Fund launched a new Rapid Response and Seed Grant program with the goal of supporting emerging organizations as well as more urgent, quick-turnaround grants. The program has been very successful; in 2021 we made 22 Rapid Response and Seed grants for a total of $86,000!

We’ve set a goal to raise $25,000 before the end of the year that will go entirely toward the 2022 Rapid Response and Seed Grant Fund. Will you make a donation by December 31 to help reach that goal?

Here are a few examples of new groups or coalitions that are just beginning to organize together and received Seed Grants from SJF in the last year:

  • Alder Commons – Portland, OR: “The mission of Alder Commons is to cultivate an equitable, all-ages community of self-directed learners. We aim to reduce barriers between youth and adults of diverse backgrounds by providing an accessible and inclusive space for them to share knowledge and resources. We continuously strive to foster an intentional community that practices and promotes our Core Values of Self-Determination, Collective Liberation, and Community Support.”
  • BLACK&GAY – Cave Junction, OR: “The purpose of BLACK&GAY is to educate, amplify, and liberate the Black queer community; to create a safe, healthy, and judgement-free environment where members can support, inspire, and connect with themselves and others, while also bridging the gap of economic inequality. Our goal is to advance our experience of community, while supporting the freedom of each individual within it.”
  • WA State Coalition of African Community Leaders – Seattle, WA: “We are a coalition of African descent led community member organizations in WA State whose mission is to share resources, promote collaboration, and be an influential voice. Our Leadership and staff reflect the diversity of the African Diaspora including a multi-generational and equal mix of gender on the Leadership team. Our five committees (Culture & Heritage, Economic Empowerment, Health, Voter Registration, Youth/family support/education) are the backbone of our organization and are led by African descent community leaders.”

Here are a few examples of groups that received SJF Rapid Response grants in 2021 helping communities respond to the fast-moving attacks and opportunities:

  • Black Liberation Collective, Idaho – Meridian, ID: “Modeling the leadership of our Black trans ancestors, the Black Liberation Collective strives to radically restore minoritized people across our rural state through spaces of resistance & vanguard practices of healing-centered liberation driven by, for, and with beloved community.”
  • Afghans of Seattle is a new organization based in the greater Seattle area to spread awareness and support new-coming Afghan refugees and immigrants. We are extending our resources to refugees and immigrants of similar backgrounds to navigate them into society and ease them into settling in Washington state. Our mission is to bring awareness to the public in forms to donate and support, to connect with other organizations of such to collaborate and to make sure our new residents are welcomed with open arms.”
  • Essentials First (fka Kits for Peace) is a Seattle based organization distributing kits filled with beneficial items including food cards, hygiene products, and warm weather essentials to those experiencing homelessness. Our mission is to raise awareness of homelessness while doing something tangible that all members of the community can participate in. We strengthen community-wide wellness by providing equitable access to vital personal, hygiene, and household products

Our goal is to continue or even increase that level of special grantmaking in 2022 — but we need your help to do it!

Click here to donate to SJF’s Rapid Response and Seed Fund

Be sure to write “Rapid Response” in the comments field!

If you haven’t yet made your gift to SJF, this is a great way to jump in and do something that will create positive change in the year to come. Thank you!