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2017 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report – PDF

The past few weeks have been disheartening to say the least. The steady barrage of news – on immigration and family separations, the Supreme Court vacancy and court decisions that will affect generations – can feel overwhelming.

But as distressing as these events have been, our communities are fighting back. Every day for the last week, SJF grantees like the Washington Immigration Solidarity Network, Causa Oregon, Montana Human Rights Network, and others nationwide have rallied, demonstrated and led trainings through the Week of Action for Immigrants. In Seattle alone, 10,000 turned out for a massive rally at the Sea-Tac Federal Detention Center to protest Trump’s immigration policies.

SJF’s grantees are on the frontlines of this critical movement. Their efforts are why we do the work we do at SJF. We are proud to share our 2017 Annual Report, which highlights our work in 2017 and shows the impact of our grants throughout the Northwest.

Please read and share the Annual Report and continue to support the work of these organizations.

2017 Annual Report