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SJF is excited to be hiring for two new members to our team: a Grants Database Manager and a Project Manager (who will help lead Giving Projects at SJF). The deadline for applications is April 5, 2023.

Grants Database Manager

This position is an integral part of supporting our grantees and developing sound grantmaking processes consistent with SJF’s values. This includes managing our grants databases, maintaining and building relationships with grantees across regions, and improving accessibility and effectiveness of our grants processes.

Project Manager

Working closely with the rest of the Social Justice Fund team, this position will support the facilitation of Giving Projects and related programming. This includes outreach, networking, and relationship-building to bring new people into Giving Projects; skilled facilitation on topics as varied as race and class analysis, grassroots fundraising, and democratic grantmaking; and one-on-one coaching of Giving Project members in their individual fundraising plans.

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