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Are you an Portland-based individual who has a passion for organizing with a gender and identity-based analysis?  Perhaps you're a seasoned organizer but would like to learn more about organizing around these issues in the region?  Or maybe you're curious about SJF's model of philanthropy and want to know more?  

If any of these descriptions fit you (or if they don't but you're interested anyway), we have a great opportunity for you in the Gender Justice Learning Group.  Consisting of 4 meetings ranging from October – November, the GJLG will feature genuine community building, learning, discussion, and ACTION that will keep it 100!  It’s a little like a book club – but with films, articles, and guest speakers in addition to books.  Learning Group members will make a direct impact to social justice organizing by making a meaningful gift to support the Gender Justice Giving Project, and in the process will become members of Social Justice Fund.

To view the full schedule, learn more about the GJLG, and for registration info, please visit the Gender Justice Learning Group info page.