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Rectangular graphic with yellow background and cutout pictures of people gathered around a table studying in the lower left and righthand corners. Text reads Social Justice Giving Workshop. A free workshop on aligning your giving with social justice movement work. Saturday June 12 3 to 5pm Zoom.

SJF believes that giving to social justice movement work, especially work led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color, is necessary to confront the full spectrum of white supremacy, hate, and inequality and build momentum towards a better, more just world in our region and beyond.

One way to do that is by making a plan to give more money away to grassroots, community organizations.

But how do you decide where to give and how much?

Should the urgency of the current moment change the way you give?

How do you give money without reinforcing oppressive dynamics?

This interactive, cross-class workshop will help you begin to think through these questions, and get you on the path to a giving plan that challenges you while aligning you toward social justice values. We’ll have plenty of time for discussion and offer resources that can help you move toward action, take time to reflect, learn from others, and come out ready to plan your giving.

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Workshop information:
Date and Time
Saturday, June 12
3:00 to 5:00pm

This will be a Zoom Workshop. Look out for a link once you sign up.

We are committed to making our online event spaces accessible. Please let us know how we can support your access needs, including the use of captioning, ASL interpretation, and more. Click here to email mano with questions and requests.