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2019 marked our third full year of Rapid Response and Seed Grants since launching the program in late 2016. These grants allow us to respond quickly to the political climate and to support new and emerging groups, helping communities respond to fast-moving attacks and opportunities.

We’ve set a goal to raise $20,000 before the end of the year that will go entirely toward the 2020 Rapid Response and Seed Grant Fund — with all of those gifts being matched by a generous donor.

Please make a donation by December 31 to help reach that goal!

(Be sure to write “Rapid Response” in the comments field.)

Here are a few examples of groups that received SJF Rapid Response grants in 2019

  • Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) organizes social justice programs to preserve culture and enhance leadership through unifying their diverse communities. MIC received funds to enhance education around renter/tenant rights and develop resources to prevent eviction of community members whenever possible.
  • POC-SWOP (POC Sex Workers Outreach Project) is a majority sex-worker led group of peers who provide safe sex supplies, safe injection supplies, snacks, and other critical resources at no-cost. They also received a seed grant in 2019.

And here are a few examples of new groups or coalitions that are just beginning to organize together and received Seed Grants from SJF in the last year:

  • The Ebony Collective in Portland provides programs to support Black leadership, political engagement, and financial literacy, rooted in culturally-specific and community-led practices and services, that lifts up youth, individuals and families to reach their full potential in Oregon.
  • WomenFirst Transition & Referral Center is a grassroots organization where justice-involved women can rebuild lives and self-worth through peer mentorship, life-skills training, empowerment groups, and essential community support.

In 2019, SJF made 14 Rapid Response and Seed grants totaling $28,000. Our goal is to increase that level of special grantmaking in 2020 – but we need your help to do it!

Will you make a donation now to take advantage of the match and set our grantees up for success in 2019? (When you make your donation please write “Rapid Response” in the comments field.)

If you’ve already supported SJF this year, we thank you and ask that you consider making an additional gift to support our Rapid Response Fund in 2020. And if you haven’t yet made your gift to SJF, this is a great way to jump in and do something that will help create positive change in the year to come.