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Last month, Social Justice Fund NW celebrated 35 years of social justice philanthropy at our Annual Dinner Celebration “The Change We’re Making” where 300 activists, organizers, and social justice philanthropists across Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming came together to honor the work of our grantees and to recognize our role in building a sustainable movement to fund social change.

This year we engaged in 9 Giving Projects, with well over 1,000 new donors contributing to a 25% increase in our grant-making.  Our grantees are organizing communities around critical issues, like gender justice, the criminalization of immigrants, environmental sustainability, and much, much more.

We believe that real change comes from the grassroots and funding this work is one of the most strategic investments we can make to effect real change in our community.  We’re proud of both the money we grant and the way we raise it.  Thank you to our community for being part of this journey!  Take a few moments to read about our 2013 grants.