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George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. Ahmaud Arbery. The murders of Black people at the hands of police — and former police, in the case of Mr. Arbery — galvanized demonstrations of grief and rage that spread from Minneapolis across the nation over the past week. Black communities grapple with and fight against the terror of systemic and institutionalized anti-Black racism every day. What’s taking place across the country right now is a manifestation of decades of revolutionary work against courts, law enforcement, and policy makers who continually fail the Black community in upholding justice. Social Justice Fund NW joins millions of people across the nation who are calling not for police reform, but for policing to be defunded (see action links below), and for community-led safety alternatives that center Black liberation to rise instead.

We want to express solidarity with protestors, at home and on the streets. We are not concerned about damage to property and material goods. A government, police force, and society that care more about preserving private wealth than the lives of Black people have no place in the world we are building. This nation was built on stolen land with stolen labor. To protect corporate-owned property is to protect the continued exploitation of Black labor and extraction of Black wealth. To protect capitalism is to protect white supremacy.

We call on our community — and specifically white people and non-Black people of color — to move away from silence and neutrality, and commit to supporting Black-led organizing in your region, not just in reaction to single instances of anti-Black violence, but in perpetuity. The role of SJF in Black liberation, and any other person or organization who is positioned to redistribute wealth and power, is to ensure that Black folks have the resources, knowledge, and relationships they need to stay safe, powerful, and resilient on the streets and off. Fund the Black youth, queer and trans folks, mothers, and abolitionists on the frontlines. Fund community-led safety alternatives to policing and prisons. Fund all-Black spaces for organizers to destress, heal, and create joy.

We want to lift our incredible Black-led grantees who are active every day of the year in pursuing Black liberation through their work. We encourage you to give to them directly via the links provided below.

Three smiling Black people stand around a chalkboard sign.
Imagine Black’s ED Joy Alise Davis and Giving Project alumni

Donate directly to our Black-led grantees

All African People’s Revolution Party, Portland, OR: email to donate

Black Lives Matter Portland, Portland, OR: donate via PayPal

Black Star Line, Seattle, WA: email to donate

Creative Justice, Seattle, WA

Eugene/Springfield NAACP, Eugene, OR

Hilltop Urban Gardens, Tacoma, WA

Liberation Medicine School, Seattle, WA

Mother Africa, Kent, WA

SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction), Seattle, WA: email to donate at

Seattle Black Child Development Institute, Seattle, WA

Tacoma Urban League, Tacoma, WA

The Ebony Collective CDC, Portland, OR: email to donate

The Noble Foundation, Kelso, WA

The Montana Racial Equity Project, Bozeman, MT

Imagine Black (formerly known as PAALF), Portland, OR

Sankofa Collective Northwest, Portland, OR

Village of Hope, Seattle, WA

Umoja Kijana Shujaa, Portland, OR: note that you would like your gift to be directed to Umoja

WA-BLOC (Washington Building Leaders of Change), Seattle, WA


While the Seattle-King County Black Lives Matter chapter is not one of our grantees, their work is vital and we encourage you to donate to them

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County, Seattle, WA



Petition to defund the Seattle Police Department:

Petition to defund the Portland Police Department:

Petition to defund the Minneapolis Police Department:

Demand justice for George Floyd:

Demand justice for Tony McDade:

Demand justice for Breonna Taylor:

Demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery:


Resources for Black healing:

Healing from racial trauma for BIPOC:

Anti-racism resources for white people:

Free library of writing from Black activists and scholars:


Portland Protest bail fund:

Louisville bail fund for people arrested in response to #BreonnaTaylor protests:

Tallahassee Community Action Committee (includes bail fund and more): – donate directly here: PayPal.Me/TallyCAC

Black Mamas bail fund: