Social Justice Fund NW supports organizations that are community based and that use community organizing to achieve their goals. Our grantees are led by people from the communities most impacted by injustice and inequality. SJF has been making grants since 1978; here are our grants from the last decade.

2023 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2022-2023 Native Led Organizing Grants

2022 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2022 Queer Justice Momentum Giving Project Grants

2022 Rural Community Organizing grants

2022 Base Building Grants

2022 Displaced Tenants Fund grants

2021 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2021 Forced Migration and Displacement Giving Project

2021 Black-led Organizing Giving Project

2021 Innovative, Just, & Equitable Housing Momentum Giving Project

2020 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2020 Economic Justice Giving Project

2020 Criminal Justice Giving Project

2020 Eradicating Anti-Blackness & Covid Recovery Grants

2020 Rapid Response & Seed Grants

2020 Base-Building Grants

2020 Covid-19 Crisis Fund Grants

2019 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2019 Rural and Small Town Organizing Giving Project

2019 Civic Engagement and Strengthening Democracy

2019 Leaderfull Movements Giving Project

2018 Black-led Giving Project (finished in 2019)

2018 Environmental Giving Project (finished in 2019)

2018 Gender Justice Giving Project (finished in 2019)

2018 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2018 Coalitions and Alliances Giving Project

2018 Criminal Justice Giving Project

2018 Economic Justice Giving Project

2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project

2017 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2017 Building Grassroots Power Grants from the Intergenerational Giving Projects

2017 Environmental Justice Giving Project

2017 Momentum Giving Project’s Native-led Organizing

2017 Gender Justice Grant Cycle

2016 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2016 Spring Momentum: Housing Justice

2016 Portland Momentum: Fight the Far Right

2016 Rural Justice Grant Cycle

2016 Criminal Justice Grant Cycle

2015 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2015 Economic Justice

2015 Fall Momentum: Black-Led Organizing

2015 General Social Justice Grants

2015 Spring Momentum: Police Accountability

2015 Gender Justice Grant Cycle

2015 Environmental Justice Grant Cycle

2014 Grantees by Grant Cycle:

2014 Economic Justice Grant Cycle

2014 Movement Building Grant Cycle

2014 Montana Giving Grant Cyle

2014 Criminal Justice Grant Cycle

2014 Gender Justice Grant Cycle

2014 General Grant Cycle

2014 Environmental Justice Grant Cycle

2013 Grantees by Grant Cyle:

2013 Immigration Reform Grant Cycle

2013 LGBTQ Grant Cycle

2013 Environmental Justice Grant Cycle

2013 Economic Justice Grant Cycle

2013 Criminal Justice Grant Cycle

2013 General Grants

See Social Justice Fund’s past grantees:

2012 Criminal Justice Giving Project Grantees

2012 LGBTQ Giving Project Grantees

2012 Environmental Justice Giving Project Grantees

2012 Economic Justice Giving Project Grantees

2012 Montana Giving Project Grantees

2012 Next Generation Giving Project Grantees

2012 Social Justice Giving Project based in Portland Grantees

2011 Civic Action Giving Project Grantees

2011 Environmental Justice Giving Project Grantees

2011 LGBTQ Giving Project Grantees

2011 Montana Giving Project Grantees

2011 Next Generation Giving Project Grantees

2010 Next Generation Giving Project Grants

2009-10 Civic Action Initiative Grants

2008 Basic, Three-Year, Technical Assistance and Cultural Grants