Idaho Community Action Network (Boise, ID) – ICAN is a membership organization that provides members with the training and tools they need to participate and have a voice in the public arena where decisions are made that affect their lives. ICAN uses citizen participation, grassroots organizing, direct actions, and other strategies to impact the decision of powerful public and private bodies. This grant will provide general operating support, including support for outreach, training, education, and policy advocacy for a statewide fair lending campaign.

Latinos Unidos Siempre (Salem, OR) – LUS works towards the Educational, Cultural, and Political Development of Latino youth by empowering youth to take leadership roles in the community, advocating for social and political change and combat racist stereotypes and discrimination through grassroots organizing. This grant will provide general operating support, including support for organizing youth seeking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) through LUS clinics, and capacity-building to create a more sustainable leadership and mentorship structure within the organization.

Right 2 Survive (Portland, OR) – Right 2 Survive educates, organizes and mobilizes the unhoused community and allies to defend their civil, human, and constitutional rights. R2S empowers houseless folks to challenge policies, practices, and laws which criminalize people for carrying out survival activities. R2S organizes to create alternative and collective solutions to the lack of affordable housing, makes its own media to amplify the voices of unhoused Portlanders, supports its members with fighting citations and accessing resources, educates the public about the crisis of homelessness, and joins with