Each Grant is for $7,762

Indian Peoples Action (Butte, MT) –  Indian People’s Action (IPA) works in Montana’s urban areas, rural and border towns of several Indian reservations to organize for social, economic and racial justice. IPA applied for funding to increase its statewide efforts to engage and build leadership of those most affected by institutional racism to organize locally through direct action and peaceful, sustainable solutions. Specifically, their focus will be on two campaigns that are centered on the rural Crow Reservation and the Cheyenne Nation- who face severe neglect and discrimination in their access to healthcare; including slow response time from the local ambulance service and woefully inadequate healthcare provided by the local Health Service Hospital.

Native Action (Lame Deer, MT) –Native Action is a leading model for citizen empowerment on Indian Reservations, bridging the racial, socio-economic, and environmental barriers by empowering, challenging, and educating people in order to protect the environment and enhance the quality of life for future generations. This grant will support a campaign to organize the five villages of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation to collectively create a groundbreaking Tribal Guardian Ad Litem program. Currently vulnerable Cheyenne children are unrepresented in tribal courts due to their parents’ criminalization; the GAL program will train and empower tribal members to give those children a voice in the courts.