Basic Grants

Basic grants are $10,000 one-year grants awarded for general support or project-specific needs. This is the best entry point for general operating funds for new or emerging groups. Social Justice Fund NW awarded $130,000 in Basic Grants in 2008.

Three-Year Grants

Organizations which receive 3-Year Capacity Building Grants are awarded $25,000 the first two years and $15,000 in the third year, with all funds devoted to the internal strengthening of the organization. Those who receive 3-Year Support Grants are awarded $15,000 a year for each of three years.

Technical Assistance Grants

In 2008, Social Justice Fund discontinued our Technical Assistance grantmaking program in order to undergo a review of the program. We also made a special grant to the Western States Center to help grassroots groups attend their annual CSTI training.

Cultural Grants

Grants of up to $10,000 each to build the capacity of social justice organizations to use arts and cultural expression to achieve social change goals through partnerships with artists.

Read the Full Description of our Cultural Grants.