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Immigration Justice Giving Project 2018

The 2017-2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project brought together 22 activists, cultural workers, students, mothers, musicians, nonprofit administrators, plant lovers, counselors, and more. Many are immigrants. Among their loved ones are refugees, green card holders, DACA recipients, U.S. citizens, and people without U.S. documents.

Meet two of the members of the Immigrant Justice Giving Project:

Jose Vazquez, Immigrant Justice Giving Project member
Chieko Phillips, Immigrant Justice Giving Project member


This group raised $207,851 from 325 donors. Thanks to a matching grant from the Satterberg Foundation, this group was able to grant out $216,673.

We’re proud and delighted to announce that the following organizations received two-year grants of about $24,000 each to continue their organizing for immigrant justice.

API Chaya
Seattle, WA
API Chaya supports work of immigrant leadership development through their Natural Helper program, advancing survivor and immigrant leadership, language access campaign and speakers bureau.

Causa Oregon
Salem, OR
Causa organizes, advocates, and fights back in this unprecedented time of anti-immigrant sentiment by responding locally. Goals include: defeating anti-immigrant initiatives proposed for the 2018 elections, preventing future anti-immigrant attacks long term, and passing local and statewide policies that advance immigrant rights.

Mano a Mano Family Center
Salem, OR
Through Mano a Mano Family Center’s program Latinos Unidos Siempre, they support and build collective power for immigrant youth and their families. LUS will focus on training more legal observers to establish a strong team for rapid response work (around ICE raids and deportations). This also includes training and recruiting members for the Barrio Watch project to fill in positions of leadership in boards and committees by the city of Salem.

Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance (MIJA)
Helena, MT
MIJA (Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance) supports and organizes immigrants and their families during this time of insecurity, with increased deportations, racial profiling, and hostility. MIJA’s support for marginalized immigrant communities includes legal and health clinics, public advocacy, litigation as a tool for building collective power, and community building activities that strengthen Montana immigrants’ safety, security and power

Mujeres Luchadores Progresistas
Woodburn, OR
Mujeres Luchadores Progresistas (MLP) is working integrate to leadership and social economic development in every aspect of its organization. Support will be used for communities in need of leadership and social economic development among Latino immigrant and farmworker women. Through collective action, MLP will organize these women, who face issues of domestic and worker abuse, to break the cycle of violence in their homes and workplace.

Piñeros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)
Woodburn, OR
PCUN (Piñeros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste) seeks to build the capacity of indigenous farmworker to reduce the exposure of toxic pesticides throught education, capacity building and organizing.  The Willamette Valley is home to 16 different indigenous  groups from Mexico and Central America. PCUN’s long range goal is to increase the life expediency of farmworkers, reduce cancer exposure among farmworkers and work to put into place public policies to reduce cancer.

Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC)-United
Seattle, WA
ROC-Seattle (Restaurant Opportunities Center-Seattle) is focused on building power for low-wage restaurant workers by lifting industry standards through participatory research and policy work; organizing workers to confront exploitation, low wages, and poor standards in their workplaces; and promoting  profitability through partnerships with responsible restaurateurs and a workforce-development program that moves low-income workers into livable-wage jobs. ROC works at the intersections of race and gender, pushing to advance economic, racial, and gender justice together.

United Territories Of Pacific Islanders’ Alliance (U.T.O.P.I.A.) Seattle
Seattle, WA
United Territories Of Pacific Islanders’ Alliance (U.T.O.P.I.A) the New Possibilities Project addresses the challenges faced by LGBTQI members of the Pacific Islander community. The project combines direct support for transgender teens and adults who are seeking to transition out of the sex industry with advocacy at the state and local levels to combat racism and trans/homophobia.

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network
Burien, WA
The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) works to strengthen the statewide resistance and fight Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) attacks, by building pockets of resistance and supporting the growth of organizations and communities in the eastern part of the state.