Social Justice Fund NW has a limited budget for sponsorships of events or specific projects held by other organizations in our movement. We offer sponsorships to organizations that share our values and part of a social justice movement, and see sponsorships as just one way to build or deepen relationships in the movement through sharing resources. Sponsorships are not grants, and are made with different considerations.

Event/Project Criteria

In considering whether to sponsor an event or project, we try to balance our organizational priorities around relationship building and exposure with the demands of a five-state region and our limited budget. In general, we will not sponsor a given organization more than once per calendar year. A staff committee considers sponsorship requests twice a month.

Types of events we sponsor:

– Fundraisers and galas for community-led organizations; we prioritize organizations that are Black led, Indigenous led, and POC led.
– Cultural, community, and art events that bring people together based on region, personal identity, collective goals.
– Collective action events including rallies, vigils, and marches.

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