Over $125,000 was raised with just 9 participants!  Nine members, all alumni from previous Giving Projects, raised enough funding to grant two organizations $50,000 over the next two years.  How? Through hard work, passion, and asking for multi-year pledges. Moving forward, most of our Giving Projects will seek multi-year pledges so that we can help more grantees have greater flexibility and stability to do the work vital to win justice in our communities.

We are proud to announce grants to two incredibly accomplished organizations — true leaders in the social justice movements of the Northwest.

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Woodburn, OR)

PCUN is Oregon’s farmworker union dedicated to improving working and living conditions in farm labor by empowering workers to understand and take action against systematic exploitation and all of its effects. PCUN works to institutionalize a fair labor system.  Members of PCUN participate in marches, rallies, forums and civic hearings on issues such as immigration, labor rights, fair housing and discrimination.  

Chosen for the Movement Building grant because of their incredible legacy and proven model of movement building, the way they have alway crossed boundaries of issues, identities, demographics, and geography, and their bold and far-reaching vision. PCUN was SJF’s very first grantee, and we’re honored to continue walking this path together.

Idaho Community Action Network (Boise, ID)

ICAN works to combat criminalization of immigrant communities using leadership development tactics, direct actions, legislative visits, educational forums, civic engagement work, and a rural strategy. In addition to other campaigns, ICAN’s families are fighting for social, racial and economic justice by supporting immigration reform.

Chosen for the Movement Building grant because of their unparalleled progressive leadership in an especially challenging environment, their effectiveness in bringing racial justice and economic justice together to organize a multiracial movement, and the momentum that they’re building through their predatory lending, immigrant rights, and youth leadership work.