The 2015 Next Generation Giving Project and the Portland Social Justice Giving Project just wrapped up, which means we have some awesome news to share with you about the organizations we’re funding.

The Social Justice Giving Project based in Portland brought together a dynamic and diverse group of 21 people, that raised over $116,000 for community organizing across our region. Our first ever Learning Group in Portland comprised of 13 members, helped this Giving Project raise the most funds in Portland Giving Project history. Go Portland!

The Next Generation Giving Project was a group of 11 very committed people, all under the age of 40, who raised over $102,000. A small group making a BIG impact.

Collectively, these two giving projects organized nearly 400 donors to help resource 17 organizations spanning across five different states in our region.

Read a message from Margaret Weihs, Next Generation Giving Project member, about her experience here.

“I am blown away by all of the different work PFLAG Portland Black Chapter does and am deeply inspired by the way they embody intersectional politics and activism. Their leadership and participation in  community coalitions, their work with queer and trans youth of color, their ongoing work with black faith communities are just a few of the efforts that demonstrate their ability to work at the intersections of race, gender, and economic justice movements. As a queer Black-led organization in Oregon, particularly in this political moment, PFLAG Portland Black Chapter’s work is critical to the kind of social change that is needed in all of our communities. I’m thrilled we were able to fund an organization doing such important work.”

— Gita Mehrotra, 2015 Portland Giving Project member

Check out all the social justice grantees below!

CAPACES Leadership Institute, Woodburn, OR – CLI is a permanent part of the Oregon farmworker movement, led by PCUN. The Institute will build the leadership capacity and political consciousness to sustain and expand that movement and to propel a host of related struggles, such as immigrants’ rights. The CLI is seeking funding from SJF to continue providing and developing leadership programs aimed at grounding new leaders in social justice work and preparing emerging leaders for mid-level and top leadership for the Latino farmworker immigrant community and allies.

Causa Oregon, Woodburn, OR – Causa’s mission is to foster a society that recognizes the contributions of immigrants and upholds the values of democracy, equality, and respect. Causa requests support for our Keeping Families Together Campaign that defends recent immigration changes so that they become realities for immigrant families by organizing a coalition to fight back, lifting the voices of our families, and educating and reaching out to immigrant families to provide vital information and organize.

Center for Intercultural Organizing, Portland, OR – Center for Intercultural Organizing is a diverse, grassroots organization that leads community-based efforts to protect and expand immigrant and refugee rights through education, civic engagement and policy advocacy, community organizing and mobilization, and intergenerational leadership development. With funding from SJF, CIO to staff and continue building Resilient Connections, a group formed by LGBTQ immigrants and refugees in the Portland Tri-County area, and partner and/or launch issue campaigns that will further LGBTQ justice for immigrants, refugees, and people of color.

Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, Burien, WA – Colectiva Legal del Pueblo uses community organizing and legal services strategies to strengthen undocumented communities to defend themselves from deportation and detention and transform the broken immigration system. Our mission is to build the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through advocacy, education, and legal services. With funding from SJF Colectiva Legal del Pueblo will continue their organizing work with detainees and their families who are organizing within the Northwest Detention Center, to apply pressure to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and GEO (the private contractor that runs the detention center) to challenge detention, deportation and exploitative working/living conditions of migrants.

Community to Community Development Bellingham, WA – Community to Community Development (C2C) is a place based, women-led grassroots organization working for a just society and healthy communities. C2C is committed to systemic change and to creating strategic alliances that strengthen local and global movements towards social, economic and environmental justice. In 2015, C2C will engage in intense and deep cultivation of our constituency base and allies, to build grassroots opposition to the H2A guestworker program within current proposals for Democrat-sponsored immigration reform. This bracero program destroys domestic farmworker communities and attempts to pit domestic farmworkers against their own family members who are also fleeing military, environmental and economic devastation outside the U.S.

Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project, Seattle, WA – The Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project (IMAP) is a coalition of law students, lawyers, social service providers, activists and formerly incarcerated women and seek to change the rights afforded incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women in the State of Washington. Funding from SJF will provide general operating support for a project that provides legal education to incarcerated mothers and engages incarcerated mothers in developing policy strategies to reduce the chances of family separation and incarceration of women and girls in Washington State.

Indian People’s Action, Butte, MT – Indian People’s Action (IPA) mission is to work in Montana urban areas, border towns of several Indian reservations to organize for social, economic and racial justice. Funding from SJF will support three organizing campaigns: Promoting public education and organizing legislative and judicial action on the conditions of Native inmates and their right to religious practices; expanding political engagement of Native communities on reservations and in urban areas in preparation for 2016 elections; and organizing ongoing community action to prevent the building of the KXL pipeline and expand public education and engagement on the impact of fossil fuels on the health and safety of Native communities.

Momentum Alliance Portland, OR – Momentum Alliance is a youth-led non-profit, with experienced coaches, whose mission is to inspire youth to realize their power individually and collectively and to mentor future social justice leaders. Funding from SJF will enable Momentum Alliance to extend and expand their work with underrepresented youth and communities, specifically for their new Reproductive Justice (RJ) Youth Advocates cohort. This new project supports a diverse group of youth leaders to intensively engage these issues through organizing, storytelling, art and advocacy.

Na’ah Illahee Fund Seattle, WA – The mission of Na’ah Illahee Fund is to advance sustainable Indigenous cultures in the Pacific Northwest through support of women, youth, artists and culture-keepers. We exist to facilitate the fulfillment of our responsibilities as caretakers of Na’ah Illahee, Mother Earth, and to catalyze the movement towards wellness-based, sustainable Indigenous cultures. Ahdanehi is a diverse circle of women from the Seattle urban and rural reservation areas. The circle blends community organizing and giving and practices grassroots fundraising. The 2015 focus is addressing violence in Native communities, and specifically the sexual trafficking of Native women and children.

NCBI Missoula Missoula, MT – NCBI Missoula creates a more just and inclusive society by developing leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen community cohesion. NCBI Missoula seeks funding to expand the number of school based GSA’s in to the communities of Whitefish, Billings, Helena and Kalispell. NCBI selected these communities to target because there are active campaigns in each of those communities to protect the rights of LGBT people through school based anti-bullying and non-discrimination policies, city non-discrimination ordinances, or in the case of Great Falls bringing the Pride March to that city.

Oregon Immigrant Activists  Portland, OR – Oregon Immigrant Activists (OIA) fights for the rights of Undocumented folks against the unjust immigration system and the rogue policy’s of ICE that target undocumented immigrants and separate our families and community. OIA is an undocumented, DACAmented and ally-led organization that uses advocacy and direct action campaigns in order to stop deportations in the Portland Metro region, and to work to create the community we envision with more dignity and justice.

PFLAG Portland Black Chapter, Portland, OR – Portland’s African-American/Black PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) chapter promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and secure equal human rights. Funds from SJF will increase the number of youth accessing our programming, create more adult programming and increase our presence in the community through strengthened partnerships with other social justice organizations and joint campaign efforts.

Red Lodge Transition Services  Portland, OR – The mission of Red Lodge Transition Services (RLTS) is to prevent the incarceration of Native Americans and provide assistance to incarcerated Native Americans who are proactively working toward creating a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities. RLTS seeks Social Justice Fund Northwest funding to support Oregon’s Native American community with unique and effective cultural programming. RLTS will work within our prisons and communities to provide direct client services to incarcerated and recently released Native Americans to reduce the root causes of recidivism.

Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality  Salem, OR Awarded – SKCE advocates for equity, education and empowerment by providing leadership and education opportunities to English language learners and underserved families of color. SKCE will be expanding their organizing efforts to engage 40-50 new parent leadership trainees, continue their work in schools and have additional gatherings at a community center that will concentrate on organizing and current social justice issues in education like minority recruitment, discipline disparities, testing bias, and racism in schools.

Seattle Young People’s Project Seattle, WA – Seattle Young People’s Project is a youth-led, adult supported social justice organization that empowers youth (ages 13-18) to express themselves and to take action on the issues that affect their lives. We build youth power through community organizing. Members build a political anti-oppression analysis, learn grassroots community organizing skills, and take action for positive community change.

Wind River Native Advocacy Center  Riverton, WY – WRNAC empowers Native Americans of the Wind River Indian Reservation and Wyoming through leadership development and community organizing to effectively advocate for equity, health care and economic justice. Funding from SJF will pay for a part time staff to coordinate activities for community organizing towards building a positive working relationship between the Wind River Reservation and the State of Wyoming and address issues such as tribal sovereignty, effective implementation of federal trust responsibility for Wyoming’s Native Americans, and adequate resources that will increase sustainability, racial equality and cultural understanding and decrease disparities in health, education and income for Native Americans in Wyoming.

Women of Color Alliance Boise, ID – WOCA’s mission is to unite women of color in a common bond to achieve social, economic and political justice in Idaho. This grant will continue to strengthen and support the Women of Color Alliance by providing the funds necessary to provide office sustainability and training for the IRO and Leaders Development programs that assist women and girls of color in their ability to have a voice in local and state policy, and to become leaders within their own communities.