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Rectangular banner with colorful illustrations evoking a tarot card. Text reads the 2022 Queer Justice Momentum Giving Project.

Read: Announcing the awardees of the Queer Justice Momentum Giving Project!

The 2022 Queer Justice Momentum Project will support building new and imaginative systems that help achieve a world where queer communities are protected, honored, and thriving. Through this grant, we hope to support organizers in working towards a world where LGBTQIA+ folks, fem(me)s, and gender non-conforming people are able to identify and express their gender and sexual orientation without fear, discrimination or harm, and have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions for themselves, their families and their communities in all areas of their lives.

This grant cycle will support groups led by LGBTQIA+ individuals, non-binary folks, and fem(me)s who are organizing against heterosexism, transmisogynoir, homophobia, and cissexism, and working to build the liberation of groups who have been marginalized because of their sexual and/or gender identity in meaningful ways across Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. We will prioritize funding organizations with Black, Indigenous, and/or POC leadership and/or who conduct most of their work in rural, small town, and/or reservation communities.

In just over three months, the QJMGP cohort will…

  • Engage in political education on queer justice movements
  • Each give a meaningful gift
  • Receive support in deepening their community fundraising skills and creating a fundraising plan
  • Review applications from powerful LGBTQIA+ led grassroots organizations in SJF’s five-state region
  • Engage in a democratic grantmaking process to choose the final awardees
  • (Re)connect with SJF’s incredible constellation of donor organizers and make some magic for queer justice, collectively

Donate to support the Queer Justice Momentum Giving Project!

What is a Momentum Giving Project?

Momentum Giving Projects are designed to be responsive to the “movement moment” that is happening at the time. We recognize that our grantees are organizing — strengthening communities, training activists, building analysis, developing leaders, making change — all the time. But sometimes, a spark catches. Circumstances come together so that there’s new momentum and focused attention around a particular issue. That’s where you come in.

Momentum Giving Projects are shorter than regular Giving Projects, so we can act more quickly to move money where it’s needed. This means we leverage our alumni’s skills by jumping into donor organizing right away, and we don’t offer the same level of political education. It’s an opportunity for alumni to deepen their skills and build community with other alumni.

What is a Giving Project?

Learn about the Social Justice Fund’s Giving Project model here.

How does donor organizing make change?

We define donor organizing as people coming together to sharpen their analysis and develop tools to collectively and strategically fund grassroots social change. A donor organizer is any person committed to not only making a meaningful gift on their own, but also educating and organizing their community to resource a movement with money, power, and community support.


If you have any questions about this Giving Project, please click here to email Mercedes Klein at your earliest convenience.


Session 1
Opening Session (with guest speaker)

Saturday August 13, 10-3PM PT

Hour break and meal stipend included

Session 2
Fundraising Skillshare

Thursday, August 18, 6-7:30PM PT

Session 3
Issue Area Session focused on Queer Justice (with guest speaker)

Thursday, September 1, 6-9PM PT

Session 4
Grantmaking Review Session

Thursday, September 15, 6-9PM PT

Session 5
Cohort Check-In #1

Thursday, October 6, 6-7:30PM PT

Session 6
Check-in and Prep for Decisionmaking

Thursday, October 20, 6-9PM PT

Session 7
Cohort Check-In #2

Thursday, November 3, 6-7:30PM PT

Session 8
Grant Decisions Pt. 1

Thursday, November 17, 6-9PM PT

Session 9
Grant Decisions Pt. 2

Saturday, November 19, 10-3PM PT

Hour break and meal stipend included

Session 10
Wrap Party Celebration!

Thursday, December 1, 6-9PM PT

“One thing that sticks with me is how much I enjoy and get energy from these issues. I came in tired, and now feel energized.”

Brittany Alsot Economic Justice Giving Project member, 2012

Meet Our Giving Project Members

Callie Lambarth

Economic Justice Giving Project 2017-2018
The entire Giving Project process was an incredibly powerful experience. One of the most meaningful takeaways for me was being able to engage with the discomfort...
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Tracy Gagnon

Economic Justice Giving Project 2017-2018
Joining a Giving Project was a way for me to take action after the haze of the election. I wanted to be a part of the...
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Jasmine Fleenor

Gender Justice Giving Project
I am so amazed at how much I learned during this process. One of my main takeaways from this project is the importance of a broad,...
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Emiko Badillo

Giving Projects in Portland in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
We as individuals are so powerful. An action makes such a huge impact when we are working together with other dedicated individuals.
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Saara Ahmed

2015 Gender Justice Giving Project
One of the most important things I learned about gender justice work is that we need both organizations with proven strategies AND organizations coming up with...
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Vinnie Tran

Economic Justice Giving Project 2017-2018
I learned about the Social Justice NW Fund through a random search online and was intrigued by the organization’s social justice lens to philanthropy. I joined...
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Sanne Stienstra

Portland Economic Justice Giving Project
Social Justice Fund NW provided me with an opportunity, as a white cisgendered person, to play a role in the movement that felt appropriate and fulfilling...
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Mike Beebe

Native-led Giving Project
This Giving Project is my third (Environmental Justice in 2011/Movement Building Giving Project in 2015) and each time I find them highly educational, rewarding, and inspiring....
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Carol Brown

Intergenerational Giving Project
SJF’s focus is on organizations led by and communities most affected systemic racism, organizations addressing the root causes of oppression and racism, and organizations that are...
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Maxx Tomlinson

LGBTQ Giving Project twice, Gender Justice GP, Criminal Justice GP
I always wanted to figure out a way to be active in social justice issues and what my action would be. I am not the kind...
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Margaret Weihs

2015 Next Generation Giving Project
In addition to expanding my personal analysis of race and class, the giving project positively challenged my understanding of how social change happens. I came into...
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Andrew Johnston

2015 Spring Momentum Giving Project
Asking people to support this work required that I be vulnerable, and sometimes voice strong opinions that might differ from the opinions of my family, friends,...
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Jose Vazquez

2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project
As an undocumented individual who received the opportunity to join the professional workforce thanks to DACA, I wanted to be part of the solution to address...
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Lilliane Ballesteros

Intergenerational Giving Project
I signed up for a Giving Project because I wanted to learn more about who was leading change in our communities in the Pacific Northwest. I...
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Chieko Phillips

2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project
An interview with Chieko Phillips, Immigration Justice Giving Project member. Why did you sign up for a Giving Project?  Immigration has never been “my issue” and...
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