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Rectangular banner with collage background featuring different landscapes including a field and rural farm structure a city skyline a forest and a beach. There is a brown overlay on top. White text reads The Innovative Just and Equitable Housing Momentum Giving Project.
We’re excited to announce that Social Justice Fund NW is now recruiting participants for the Innovative, Just, and Equitable Housing Momentum Giving Project, open to Giving Project alumni living in ID, MT, OR, WA, and WY. This project runs from March 10 – June 30, 2021, with all sessions online via Zoom. The priority deadline for this application was February 15, 2021, but we are still open for applications at this time. Click here to apply.


The Innovative, Just, and Equitable Housing Giving Project will fund organizing that pushes against housing injustice and/or that creates different, imaginative systems so people experiencing housing instability have agency and power in where and how they live. Participants will work together over four months to deepen their understanding of social justice principles, especially related to housing justice, and engage in collective giving and fundraising to support grassroots organizations.


Housing is a human right and yet many are denied this right. The COVID-19 pandemic and its short and long term impacts are only making this issue worse. It has also given us opportunities to build systems that support people’s wellbeing, including around housing equity and justice. Funding raised by this Giving Project will support strategies that address the root causes of:
  • Housing instability and houselessness
  • Gentrification and displacement
  • Predatory lending, evictions, and foreclosures
  • And more…


What is a Momentum Giving Project and grant?


The Momentum Giving Projects and their grants are designed to be responsive to the “movement moment” that is happening at the time. We recognize that our grantees are organizing — strengthening communities, training activists, building analysis, developing leaders, making change — all the time. But sometimes, a spark catches. Circumstances come together so that there’s new momentum and focused attention around a particular issue.


Are you a grantee or organizer interested in applying for funding through this Giving Project? Learn more and apply here.