Giving Project Members

I joined with ten other people as part of the Next Generation Giving Project and 21 Portland Giving Project members to resource critical community organizing work. This process was really special because members from Seattle and Portland came together to experience our giving project’s work as part of a bigger movement.

The Next Generation Giving Project raised over $102,000. The Portland Giving Project set a record by raising $116,000. Collectively, both Giving Projects were able to fund 17 organizations in our region working on a wide array of social justice issues. So many people helped make this happen. Thank you for supporting movements for social justice by supporting these Giving Projects!

I recently moved to Seattle and thought joining a giving project would be a good way to get to know the organizations doing social justice work in the Northwest.  I was also encouraged to join by my sister and fellow NGGP participant, Virginia, who had participated in two other giving projects and really loved them.

In addition to expanding my personal analysis of race and class, the giving project positively challenged my understanding of how social change happens. I came into this project thinking that policy changes, from the top down, are what made positive impacts on communities and individuals. This giving project helped me see that what really drives long lasting and sustainable social change is when the communities most directly impacted are leading the fight against injustices. Too often decisions from the top are made about and without the involvement of those whom will be most impacted. Learning directly from organizations in our region through the giving project, taught me how community organizing and coalition work build a healthy and resilient social justice movement.

I was particularly inspired by the work of Causa. Causa’s ability to work within the legislature while staying grounded in the community most impacted is a great example of how policy work should be done. Causa’s commitment to building power within the community for the long term, and the thought and care with which they do this work, is truly inspiring.

Here’s who we funded:

  • CAPACES Leadership Institute – Woodburn, OR
  • Causa Oregon – Woodburn, OR
  • Center for Intercultural Organizing – Portland, OR
  • Colectiva Legal del Pueblo – Burien, WA
  • Community to Community Development – Bellingham, WA
  • Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project – Seattle, WA
  • Indian People’s Action – Butte, MT
  • Momentum Alliance – Portland, OR
  • Na’ah Illahee Fund – Seattle, WA
  • NCBI Missoula – Missoula, MT
  • Oregon Immigrant Activists – Portland, OR
  • PFLAG Portland Black Chapter – Portland, OR
  • Red Lodge Transition Services – Portland, OR
  • Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality – Salem, OR
  • Seattle Young People’s Project – Seattle, WA
  • Wind River Native Advocacy Center – Riverton, WY
  • Women of Color Alliance – Boise, ID

Read more about the organizations here.

Helping to resource 17 organizations that are community organizing in our region is an important role in social justice work. This is a role that I and my fellow Next Generation Giving Project members played to broaden and help grow our movement. I invite you to join the Economic Justice Learning Group starting next week on November 3rd in Seattle. You will be so inspired by the work of these organizations, will grow personally, and will be challenged and rewarded by your own community through the conversations you will have. Learn more and register here.

In Community,

Margaret Weihs
2015 Next Generation Giving Project Member

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Sanne Stienstra

Portland Economic Justice Giving Project
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Vinnie Tran

Economic Justice Giving Project 2017-2018
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Jasmine Fleenor

Gender Justice Giving Project
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Carol Brown

Intergenerational Giving Project
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Saara Ahmed

2015 Gender Justice Giving Project
One of the most important things I learned about gender justice work is that we need both organizations with proven strategies AND organizations coming up with...
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Chieko Phillips

2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project
An interview with Chieko Phillips, Immigration Justice Giving Project member. Why did you sign up for a Giving Project?  Immigration has never been “my issue” and...
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Andrew Johnston

2015 Spring Momentum Giving Project
Asking people to support this work required that I be vulnerable, and sometimes voice strong opinions that might differ from the opinions of my family, friends,...
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Tracy Gagnon

Economic Justice Giving Project 2017-2018
Joining a Giving Project was a way for me to take action after the haze of the election. I wanted to be a part of the...
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Mike Beebe

Native-led Giving Project
This Giving Project is my third (Environmental Justice in 2011/Movement Building Giving Project in 2015) and each time I find them highly educational, rewarding, and inspiring....
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Jose Vazquez

2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project
As an undocumented individual who received the opportunity to join the professional workforce thanks to DACA, I wanted to be part of the solution to address...
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Maxx Tomlinson

LGBTQ Giving Project twice, Gender Justice GP, Criminal Justice GP
I always wanted to figure out a way to be active in social justice issues and what my action would be. I am not the kind...
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Callie Lambarth

Economic Justice Giving Project 2017-2018
The entire Giving Project process was an incredibly powerful experience. One of the most meaningful takeaways for me was being able to engage with the discomfort...
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Lilliane Ballesteros

Intergenerational Giving Project
I signed up for a Giving Project because I wanted to learn more about who was leading change in our communities in the Pacific Northwest. I...
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Emiko Badillo

Giving Projects in Portland in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
We as individuals are so powerful. An action makes such a huge impact when we are working together with other dedicated individuals.
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