Who is the Seattle Economic Justice Giving Project?

Seattle Economic Justice Giving Project 2019 – 2020


Who is in the 2019-2020 Economic Giving Project in Seattle? 

The 2019-2020 Seattle Economic Justice Giving Project consists of 18 wonderful people. We bring our experience in education, philanthropy, medicine, nonprofits, advocacy, art, and more to this work, as well as our lived experiences and our passion for social justice. We are all dedicated to working together across our class and race identities to move resources toward grassroots organizing in the Northwest region. 


What are we doing?

We are ready to re-imagine an economic structure that is healing and regenerative, rather than one that leverages racism to contribute to the growing racial wealth gap and is extractive from people, communities, and the planet. We are committed to supporting community-based organizations across the Northwest that are working toward economic justice by: 

  1. Fundraising $250,000 from our friends, families, and communities to fund organizations dedicated to grassroots organizing and creating everlasting community change. 
  2. Becoming donors ourselves to the Economic Justice Giving Project with a meaningful personal gift.
  3. Using Black liberation as our framework to build community power to further social justice.

We are addressing economic and other social injustices together because one person alone cannot create social change. Through the Giving Project model, we are modeling inclusive social justice philanthropy. Together, we can be the change for our communities and our lives.


Why Economic Justice?

We are dedicated to fundraising for two-year, general operating grants for organizations working for economic justice around our five-state region: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. 

These grants will fund work that closes the racial wealth gap and addresses systemic and structural inequities that harm low-income communities, workers, and families. The grants will fund organizations that are dedicated to leading with a race, class, and gender lens to create community-led solutions for their communities. 

To find out more about the types of work these grants will support, here is the list of finalists for our Giving Project. You can also see the wonderful organizations that SJF funded with the last Economic Justice grant cycle.


How can you support us? 

We are happy you asked! We will make as many $30,000 grants as we can raise the funds to support. Be part of this work with us by:

  1. Donating to our Giving Project to help fund crucial economic justice work in our region.  
    • Donate here and put “Economic Justice Giving Project Seattle” in the comments box.  
    • If you were asked by a Giving Project member, make sure you include their name on the donation form.
  2. If you want to know more about this work, please contact us! 
    • Someone will HAPPILY meet with you and talk about what economic justice organizing looks like and why we are doing this work.
    • Contact our Project Managers, Rebecca Allen (rebecca@socialjusticefund.org) and Essex Lordes (essex@socialjusticefund.org), to get connected. You can also call Social Justice Fund at (206) 624-4081 and ask for Essex or Rebecca.
  3. Ask others to donate to our Giving Project. Send them to this page to donate!

Contributions to Social Justice Fund’s Economic Justice Giving Project are tax deductible. We also accept donations by check, stock, donor advised funds, and planned giving. Please go here for more information on how to give.