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Rectangular banner with red background. A peaceful illustration of a crescent moon rising from light blue clouds is at the bottom. Yellow text reads SJF is taking a wellness pause. December 13 through January 10.

SJF is taking an organization-wide wellness pause from December 13 – January 10 to rest, reflect, and spend some much needed time with our loved ones. After nearly two years of the pandemic and other hardships along the way, we know that in order to fully serve the movements we are part of, we must rest. We must care for ourselves. And we must take action with the knowledge and resources we have. We hope that our pause can be one model of what is possible for other nonprofits dedicated to social change.

If you have a time-sensitive need, please email our info account (info[at] which will be checked once per week on Wednesdays. For urgent requests, please note “Urgent” in the subject line. For end-of-year donations, please note “Donation” in the subject line. You will receive a response within the week. Otherwise, we thank you for your patience and will respond to you after January 10.

We’re grateful for your support of our health, and encourage you to prioritize your rest as well, in whatever ways you’re able!