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We have another set of impressive grantees! These grants are coming from the Economic Justice Giving Project.  A group of incredibly motivated volunteers who spent five months learning and engaging others in a dialogue about race, class, and its impact on economic justice.   They activated their own communities and raised $115,589 from 220 donors resulting in 10 new grants to organizations working to address structural issues of wealth inequality.

The Equality State Policy Center (Casper, WY) 
Our mission is to work through research, public education, and advocacy to hold state and local governments accountable to the people they represent, and help Wyomingites participate effectively in public policy making.  Founded in 1993 as a progressive coalition in a conservative, rural state, the ESPC now has 29 member organizations representing conservation, labor, professional, and other social justice groups. We have three program areas: government accountability, tax and fiscal policy, and Wyoming working people.This grant will provide general operating support. 

Got Green (Seattle, WA)
Got Green is a people of color-led organization based in South Seattle that works to ensure that the benefits of the green movement and green economy – green jobs, access to healthy food, energy efficient and healthy homes, and public transit – reach low-income communities and communities of color. We do this by cultivating leaders – especially 18-35 year olds – to educate, advocate, organize, and build coalitions. This grant will provide general operating support. 

ICAN empowers disenfranchised Idahoans to create the power necessary to create systemic changes that positively impact low income communities and communities of color. We are dedicated to the following principles: Empowerment of disenfranchised people and development of new leadership; diversity; a stable, membership-driven funding base; the democratic process within and outside the organization; and non-violent action in the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. This grant will support ICAN’s economic justice campaigns, including fair lending, fair public finance and fair immigration reform.

Mujeres Luchadoras Progresistas (Woodburn, OR) 
We are a group of farmworker women who create economic development and promote leadership among women in our community. We strive to improve our living and working conditions. We recognize that women overcome exploitation and injustice when we organize and reclaim our rights.  To learn more contact grant will provide general operating support for women’s leadership development, radio programs and community forums on social justice topics such as immigrant rights and domestic violence, and programs to support women’s economic development. 

Red Lodge Transition Services (Portland, OR) 
The mission of Red Lodge Transition Services (RLTS) is to prevent the incarceration of Native Americans and provide assistance to incarcerated Native Americans who are proactively working toward creating a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities. Our organizational goal is to promote and develop culturally competent pre and post incarceration programs that aid in prevention, foster responsibility, and promote respect and the empowerment of the individual, family and community. This grant will provide general operating support for RLTS’ community organizing programs, including Keeping the Fires Burning (bringing Native traditions to Native Americans incarcerated in 10 Oregon correctional facilities) and ongoing re-entry support by and for Native Americans. 

Right 2 Dream Too (Portland, OR)
R2D2 is working to create a safe, clean, self governed community environment for economically distressed residents of Portland through the  establishment of a place where people living on the streets can have their basic needs met until they’re able to access another form of housing. We also provide peer based support services to said residents to assist them in the pursuit and actualization of their life goals and aspirations with regard to housing, education, and work. This grant will provide general operating support for R2D2’s organizing work, including creation of a toolkit for others to be able to replicate successful models that address the needs of the unhoused developed from the unhoused themselves, a coalition campaign to pass a Homeless Bill of Rights in Oregon, and development of an Education and Empowerment Center to train organizers, educate about oppression, and activate our community to engage in and eventually lead these struggles that impact them. 

Rural Organizing Project (Scappoose, OR) 
ROP works to development and maintain local pro-justice organizations that allow small town Oregonians to demand true democracy and dignity.  We also challenge white supremacy, bigotry, and anti-democratic policies at every turn in order to transform the culture of rural Oregon in a way that ripples from the local outward to the state and federal. Our mission is to strengthen the skills, resources, and vision of primary leadership in local autonomous human dignity groups with a goal of keeping such groups a vibrant source for a just democracy. This grant will support ROP’s economic justice work, putting rural communities at the center of the fight for economic justice, holding a statewide convening, Regional Convenings and Living Room conversations to develop shared analysis that connects the dots between Right-wing strategies to divide and dominate our communities for corporate profit, and working with member human dignity groups to develop local economic justice organizing campaigns that push-back against corporate control of politics, the economy and our democracy.

The-TREE Institute (Portland, OR) 

Our mission is to develop our leadership, organizing and advocacy capacity for collective action to dismantle social and institutional oppression by creating knowledge together for power and resources sharing through the practice of methodologies that can assure everyone’s participation and evolution as human being. This grant will support women’s leadership through the development of Latina women as traditional health care workers, through a two-year cohort focusing on training, certification, and professional development of women into Community Health Workers and Doulas (birth companion and breastfeeding) to be integrated into the workforce market and to engage in leadership, policy creation, and advocacy within different movements. 
SAFE (Seattle, WA) 
Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction (SAFE) is a community organization whose mission is to fight for racial, social and economic justice and gender equality by fostering working class power through direct action, coalition building, education, and advocacy. In organizing poor and working class people of diverse cultures and nationalities, we shall encourage individual empowerment and community leadership to generate a movement effecting systemic change and societal transformation. This grant will provide general operating support. 

Voz Workers’ Rights Education Center (Portland OR)

Voz is a worker-led organization that empowers immigrants and day laborers to gain control over their working conditions through leadership development, education and community organizing. We operate the MLK Jr. Worker Center in Portland, which connects hundreds of workers a week with local employers and jobs. This grant will provide general operating support.