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SJF is thrilled to announce four recent staff additions!

Sewheat Asfaha

Program Associate
Sewheat was born and raised in the Seattle area, and has experience in youth development, college access, and nonprofit development/admin support. She is passionate about grassroots organizing and came to SJF as a member of the Black Led Organizing giving project. She is excited to continue supporting this work and learning from the SJF team and grantee community.

Kaylen Hendrick

Donor Systems Coordinator
Kaylen Hendrick was born and raised in central Florida, but always wanted to move to a place where they could enjoy the outdoors without sweating nearly as much. They graduated from Florida State University in 2013 with a degree in Environmental Studies then drove across the country to attend The Evergreen State College in Olympia studying climate justice, endangered prairie plants, and beaver ecology. Kaylen then moved to Seattle in 2016 to work for Launch teaching after-school programs and while there they were introduced to fundraising. Kaylen has been in Development ever since, where they are happy using their Excel skills for the greater good.

Essex Lordes

Project Manager
Essex is a born and raised native of Detroit, Michigan (proper). He spent 8 years in the Bay Area as a community organizer focused on social, economic, and transformative justice while also studying Public Health at City College of San Francisco. Essex is an experienced anti-violence advocate, having previously worked at the two oldest LGBTQ specific anti-violence organizations in the country, as well as previously coordinated the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. Essex is currently a steering committee member for the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence based locally in Seattle.

Akoth Ombaka

Operations Director
Akoth’s professional journey started off in community organizing. They were a part of the canvassing team organizing around driver’s license access for immigrants as well as the decriminalization of marijuana for Black and brown communities in Oregon. Akoth brings operations experience from a myriad of nonprofits and is always looking to learn more about how systemic oppression shows up in nonprofit spaces and subsequently how to minimize and eventually eradicate harm in social justice movements. Akoth recharges by spending time composing music, reading, trying out new cuisine, and dancing to trap and reggaeton.