This page includes information about our current general accessibility, which we recognize is a continual work in progress. We also recognize that logistical and physical access is just one piece of many in building an accessible and just movement and society. If you have questions about the following information, would like to inquire about issues not covered, or would like to request accommodations, please contact us at our office phone number, 206-624-4081, or our general email address

The accessibility information listed below pertains to our regular offices. Events and meetings held at different locations will have separate information listed, though not on this page.


Seattle Office

Mobility within the building: Our Seattle office building is wheelchair accessible with access to an ADA-compliant restroom on a separate floor, although the bathroom door may be heavy when opening. Our unit, located on the 8th floor, is also navigable or can be made navigable by wheelchair in most areas. The door to our unit is on the heavier side. It’s usually propped open a bit, and pushes inward toward the office. Our building has three entrances to street level with varying levels of accessibility. The entrance off Fourth Avenue has an automatic door opener button as well as ramp access to the building elevators. The entrance off Third Avenue does not have an automatic door opener, but does provide access to the building elevators. The entrance off of Stewart Street is not accessible, as it has a double-wide staircase of thirteen steps.

Fragrances and chemicals: While we provide and try to use fragrance-free products (e.g., fragrance free hand and dish soap, vinegar solution) and ask that staff refrain from using perfumes/colognes, we do have some products with scent and/or chemicals in the office (e.g., sometimes we use cleaning wipes, some people smoke in their personal time), and we regularly have people coming in and out of the office that might use scented products.

Office environment: Our work environment is a mix of traditional desk and shared workstations, within a mix of open and closed-door spaces, with a low to moderate noise level. Staff have varying schedules and locations, so we regularly have meetings that are a mixture of in-person, video, and phone. Our office has windows in most of the working areas, and we get a moderate to high amount of street noise (bus and truck traffic, sirens, people, seagulls). In addition to natural lighting via those windows, the office primarily uses fluorescent lighting throughout. Most of the office has low-pile office carpet. We have a variety of chair-height seating options available, including chairs with and without arms, with and without wheels, stools, and a couch. Most seat options are lightly cushioned, and all except the stool have backs. The office is climate controlled with pushed air heating and air conditioning.

Office location and getting here: We are located downtown, and there are many public transit options within one or two blocks with no to minimal incline. The closest light rail station to us is Westlake Station. There is a bike cage in the parking structure with the entrance off of 3rd Avenue for regular tenants only (i.e., staff). Visitors with bicycles will need to find other solutions outside of the building and office.

There is paid street parking as well as paid lot/structure parking on the same block as our building. Click this link for information about the parking structure with an entrance off of 3rd Avenue, including rates. Click this link for info about the parking lot with an entrance off of 4th Avenue.

The 3rd Avenue lot, an above-ground structure, provides an elevator to all levels and the street pedestrian entrance. The 4th Avenue lot is underground and the elevator does not provide easy pedestrian street access. Both structures also provide direct access to the office building, but you will need your parking ticket (or building key card for staff) to gain access to the office building from inside those parking garages at all hours. To enter the building from the 3rd Avenue lot (not wheelchair accessible), go through the standalone door on the 3rd floor open area of the lot, go down one set of stairs and go through the brown door to enter the office building’s 3rd floor hallway, and then use the elevator ahead to get to our suite on the 8th floor. To enter the office building from the 4th Avenue lot (wheelchair accessible), use the elevators to go to “LL” or “lower level” and then exit the elevator to right, and make another right to curve around the corner and make an immediate left down the ramp or short set of stairs to get to the building elevators, where you can access the 8th floor. You can also exit the parking garages to the street and enter the office building through one of the street entrances. 

Building hours: Our building (not necessarily our unit) is locked between the hours of 6 pm and 7 am the next day. The building is also locked during federally-recognized holidays. During those locked hours, visitors (not staff with keys) must use the call box at the Fourth Avenue entrance to ring our office by dialing #0806 so we can buzz you in. There are two sets of doors separate by a long hallway, and you’ll need to get through both sets once you are buzzed in. We don’t know exactly how long you have before the second doors re-lock, but we suggest that you not linger in the hallway. Again, accessing the building from inside the parking structures on the same block will require your parking ticket or, for staff, your building key card.


Portland Office

Information coming soon. Please contact us at our office phone number, 206-624-4081, or our general email address if you have immediate questions.