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In the past four months, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter uprising have exposed even more plainly the many places where society is failing Black, Indigenous and other people of color. The pandemic has been especially catastrophic for trans folks, people with disabilities, low-income and essential workers, and people living in areas with less access to life-saving resources, many of whom have risen up to fill these gaps with their limited resources. With the effects of COVID-19 setting in, grassroots organizers are thinking and planning beyond this moment to address the long-term impacts on their communities.

Social Justice Fund is offering this grant to move necessary financial resources to organizers addressing the short-term impacts of COVID-19 and planning for the long haul. We are excited to fund organizations that serve Black, Indigenous, Pacific Islander folks, and other communities who do not typically receive as much funding from philanthropy as others. It is especially important for us to support organizations that are not just working against the current system but also imagining and building a new world that centers the joy, safety, and success of historically marginalized people.

Addressing the short and long-term impacts of COVID-19 could include:

  • Mobilizing against prisons and the criminalization of BIPOC
  • Working to end anti-Black violence, ending surveillance of communities
  • Organizing led by Black trans women
  • Creating cooperative economics systems
  • Organizing for health systems & health care
  • Building food sovereignty, establishing land trusts, collective housing
  • Teaching and learning decolonized medical practices
  • Building up civic engagement in Black, Indigenous, and POC communities
  • Renters rights
  • Supporting worker’s rights and worker organizing

Eradicating Anti-Blackness & Covid Recovery Grant details:

Due: Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 3:30pm PT

Expected disbursement: Late November 2020

Expected grant amount: $15,000/year for two years. Total of $30,000

Begin your application through our online grants portal. Please contact Magan if you have questions about your organization’s eligibility or if this grant is a good fit for your work. If you have not applied to or received a previous Social Justice Fund Grant, please schedule a call with us before you start your application.