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Question: Who is as cool as an ocean breeze, luminous as the sun, and exciting as a wide open summer day? Answer: SJF’s amazing new staff members

Join us in welcoming our four newest staffers, Adiza Ameh, Emily Chu, Muz Afzal, and Precious Arney! Based in Seattle and Portland, these staffers round out SJF’s Development, Grantmaking, and Operations teams. In their early months at SJF, each person has already brought fresh insight, keen talent, warmth, and humor to our organization. Whether you encounter them on the administration side of our work or facilitating a Giving Project, be prepared for their brilliance and please give them a warm welcome.

Read on to learn more about each one and hear their favorite way to spend a summer day!

Adiza Ameh
Project Manager
Picture of Adiza a Black woman wearing a yellow print top with a friendly smile. She is posing in a sunlit garden.

Adiza Ameh is an facilitator and educator with roots in Nigeria and Seattle. She is thrilled to co-conspire along with SJF to move resources towards folks who are stewards of social change. Abolition, anti-capitalism and Black liberationist frameworks give her hope for future generations.

“My fav way to spend a summer day is floating on the water with friends and tasty food.”

Emily Chu
Project Manager
Picture of Emily a smiling East Asian woman wearing a pink top posing in a sunlit garden.

Emily Chu grew up in Seattle and comes from an education background, working as a high school English teacher for over a decade before coming to SJF. As a participant in two Giving Projects (Environmental Justice in 2017 and Queer Justice in 2022), she has experienced firsthand the transformative power of this model of funding. She is excited to bring her facilitation skills to the crucial work of moving resources to grassroots organizing. Emily also loves to read, spend time with her two small snuggly dogs, and take naps.

“Fave way to spend a summer day: reading in the shade of a tree with a cold glass of limeade and a small snuggly pup.”<

Muz Afzal
Grants Database Manager
Picture of Muz a grinning South Asian man wearing glasses and a blue shirt posing in a sunlit garden

Muz began his path as a child of Pakistani-Immigrant parents and farm workers in California. He has been conducting community outreach since he was a child by working at various farmers’ markets and developed a passion for civic engagement and community service while studying at the UC Irvine School of Humanities. Most recently, Muz worked as a Project Manager and community capacity builder at SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition.

Muz is super passionate about addressing barriers to racial and cultural inclusiveness. He has first-hand experience with the struggles that BIPOC communities face in the US daily. Outside of work, Muz enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, and trying (but failing according to him) at DIY projects. You can usually spot him exploring Portland’s thriving food culture at one of the various food carts in town.

“I love to go to the beach, especially the OR Coast because it will not be too hot and there will be a breeze. When it is over 90 degrees I stay indoors, turn on the AC and eat watermelon.”

Precious Arney
HR & Work Culture Manager
Picture of Precious a smiling Southeast Asian woman with black hair. She is posing in a sunlit garden.

Precious Arney was born in the US, having spent most of her life in Washington, after her parents immigrated from the Philippines. She spent many years working in the arts, as a worker in the food and beverage industry, and most recently for nonprofits in advocacy, political giving, and grantmaking in Washington.

Since 2008, she has organized with GABRIELA USA, a grassroots alliance of progressive Filipino women’s organizations that seeks to agitate, organize, and mobilize people of Filipino descent to fight for national democracy in the Philippines. She currently holds leadership roles in both the national alliance and local Seattle chapter of GABRIELA, and attributes her grassroots fundraising skills to her experience as a participant in Social Justice Fund’s 2014 Gender Justice Giving Project.

Precious is excited to bring her organizing and facilitation skills to support the staff at SJF and cultivate a work culture that fosters a sense of belonging and collective power.

We couldn’t ask Precious what her favorite summer activities were because she is (hopefully) out enjoying them on vacation!