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Can you believe that it’s been 45 years since Social Justice Fund NW (SJF) was established? Back in the day SJF was originally called A Territory Resource (ATR); we were founded in 1978 and have been distributing funds to grassroot progressive led organizations ever since. During its first year, ATR awarded $14,000 in grants to 7 organizations. In 2022, SJF awarded around $4.5 million in grants to over 80 organizations. After all these years we are even more audacious than ever and proud to still be doing this radical work.

SJF members show off sweatshirts at our Winter Social event in February.

On October 7, 2023 we will celebrate our 45th Birthday at a hybrid event (at Washington Hall in Seattle and online). As we look forward to celebrating our organization’s anniversary, here’s what you can expect:

  • Deepening our alignment with our new Organization Values, including holding our Black liberation efforts at the forefront of how we live, breathe and move. 
  • Challenging ourselves to actively participate in political education, mindful that our work is a constant journey impacted by lived experience and rooted in communities fighting systemic oppression and white supremist ideology.
  • Developing relationships with other radical organizations in order to expand opportunities to move money to historically exploited groups. Recently, SJF announced the fruits of our collaboration with Potlatch Fund – the Native-led Organizing Grant that distributed $300,000 to over 20 projects and organizations!  
  • Continuing to share about SJF’s path of organizational transformation and our commitment to wellness for our staff team, which has brought grounding and internal direction. Through publicly sharing our values we hope they will be a topic of discussion and radicalization in the broader community, utilized as a transparent means of accountability to our members and grantees. You know what we stand for and can help us grow when we fall short of these aspirations! 
  • Fostering joy and celebration leading up to the milestone of SJF’s 45th Birthday Party in October. We look forward to creating space, celebrating long-standing connections, and cultivating new ones. 

As Social Justice Fund matures and evolves into a new era, it is the support of our community that makes this work sustainable. Resourcing progressive grassroots organizations and leaders is not just important, it is a vital political act. We invite you to join us not only in celebrating the successes of SJF and our grantees, but to also show up communally and materially to fight for justice and against white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and other oppressive forces. 

In the coming months we’ll be rolling out more amazing grant opportunities to bolster grassroots community organizing:

  • Rapid Response and Seed Grants are open now and made on a monthly basis.
  • Our Reproductive Justice Grant Panel will launch in June with the goal of moving over $200,000 across our 5-state region.
  • In partnership with the Seattle of City, the Generational Wealth Initiative will launch in July and work to re-distribute nearly $500,000 in City funds for wealth building strategies.
  • Our Environmental Justice Giving Project launches in the fall. If you’re interested you can sign up on our website.
  • And finally, a second round of the Native-led Organizing Grant will happen in the fall of 2023.
    Potlatch Fund Executive Director Cleora Hill-Scott with Patricia Whitefoot of grantee War Cry Podcast at the SJF Winter Social.

As part of our spring campaign, we’ve set a goal of raising $100,000 and bringing on 25 new monthly sustainers to support the future of SJF, our grantmaking efforts, donor organizing work and political education throughout the year.

Donate to support SJF’s spring campaign

Thank you for your ongoing support, for making it possible for SJF to reach 45 years. We look forward to celebrating our birthday with you on October 7!

With Liberation,

Valériana Chikoti Bandua Estes

Executive Director 




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