Who is the Portland Economic Justice Giving Project?

Portland Economic Justice Giving Project Members, 2019 – 2020

The Portland Economic Justice Giving Project is working to move money and resources to grassroots organizations working to eliminate the wealth gap that exists for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We are a group of hopeful, organized, curious and invested individuals committed to justice, reparations and community building. Though we come from all over, we are working together in Portland, OR to raise the funds to then invest in organizations working toward racial economic justice on the ground in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. 

Our group is committed to honoring and empowering economic justice organizers in the Northwest region by:

  • Raising $125,000 to fund grassroots organizations working to alleviate and resolve the economic injustice adversely impacting BIPOC communities
  • Develop a collective understanding of how racism and classism interact with the system to produce unjust and disproportionate outcomes
  • Investing in these efforts of the organizations we will fund through a meaningful and personal gift, and fundraising our own communities
  • Building a network of social justice-oriented community members committed to racial economic justice

This work must be done, and it cannot be done alone. As we work together to accomplish these goals, we recognize the critical role our network and community plays. So, we invite you to join us as we collectively move toward economic justice for all!



We are so glad you asked! You can do any of the following to support us:

  1. Donate to our giving project to help fund crucial organizing work in our region.
    • Use the above link and type in Economic Justice PDX Project”  in the “Name of Project” field.
    • If you were asked by a Giving Project member, make sure you include their name in the “Giving Project Participant Name” field. 
  2. If you want to know more about this work, contact a giving project member! Or contact our group and someone will set up a time to meet with you.
    • You can also contact Project Manager, Shardé Nabors : sharde@socialjusticefund.org.
  3. Ask others to donate to our giving project!

Contributions to Social Justice Fund’s Giving Project’s are tax deductible. We accept donations by credit/debit card, electronic funds transfer, cash, check, stock, donor advised funds, and planned giving.  Please go here for more information on how to give.