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Rectangular banner with background of multicolored confetti on white. Gold number balloons and red text read SJFs 2021 Community Appreciation Party

This one’s for you — for the donors, members, grantees, and community that support and sustain SJF, and for all the people who remind each other to rest and dance and eat good food. We’re holding our annual Community Appreciation Party to celebrate your joy and power on Wednesday, December 8 from 6-7:30pm PST. Come join us!

We want to thank you — SJF members, donors, and grantees — for continuing to support our work through another challenging year. The event is not a fundraiser but an opportunity for us to share accomplishments, see familiar faces, meet new people, and build community. We’ll feature stories from Giving Project members and grantees and get you caught up on what our movement has in store for the year ahead.