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SJF will be on pause from December 18-January 12. We adopted this practice as one part of our effort to position Black liberation and wellness as guiding principles for our organization. Our rest is explicitly political, a response to racialized capitalism’s demands on our individual and collective wellbeing to maintain its chokehold on power.

But rest isn’t synonymous with checking out. The people of Palestine now enter their third month of Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza and its rising attacks on Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. As a community dedicated to the liberation of all oppressed people, we must not turn away—in the words of Palestinian writer and activist Hala Alyan, we owe Gaza endurance. We strongly encourage our donors and community members to continue engaging in the movement for Palestinian liberation throughout the holiday season by donating, participating in political actions, and educating yourself and your loved ones about the history of occupied Palestine and the adamant legacy of Palestinian resistance. It’s #FreePalestine every day until Palestine is truly free!

Screenshot of Instagram post from Super Familia urging mutual aid support for Tukwila refugeesFor SJF community in the Seattle/Tacoma area, we also want to draw your attention to the 400+ community of refugees from Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Cameroon, and other Central African countries currently sheltering at the Riverton Park United Methodist Church in Tukwila. There are active calls out to support these asylum seekers by donating funds, food, blankets, and other resources, as well as for volunteers for translation, transportation, food distribution, and research Please consider donating by Venmo to the undocumented youth-led mutual aid group Super Familia (@super_familia on Venmo) and signing up to volunteer via this form.

Winter holidays all across the world are marked by their emphasis on light and communities gathering together. In the darkest part of the year they are reminders of what is precious and life-giving, that there is a new day on the other side of the night. Whatever holidays or seasonal rituals you participate in, let them fill you, heal you, and anchor you to a commitment to collective liberation in 2024!



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